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Teresa Faucette, Principal Graham Middle School Heather Ward, Principal Southern Middle School.

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1 Teresa Faucette, Principal Graham Middle School Heather Ward, Principal Southern Middle School

2 You must capture a kid’s heart To get to his head If that’s not where you start, Please do another job instead. Kids must know you to be true And the key to that is without a doubt….. Y-O-U! By Dr. George Luck, Principal Temple High School January 17, 1995

3  Definition: “A leader is someone who sets aside a personal agenda and embraces a greater agenda of serving others.” Flip Flippen  Leadership ==Service  Everyone has the power of greatness, because greatness is determined by service. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Question: What can I do for you to help you be more successful?

4 You have only ____seconds to make a first impression. But it takes approximately ____additional (positive) encounters to undo or change a bad first impression.

5 “I’ve discovered that the only person I can really change is me! I can control only my behavior and my attitudes. My hope is that by accepting responsibility for myself….others may choose to do the same.” Lee D. Bason

6  E---Engage: Handshake, Welcome, Affirm, Model  X---X-plore: Customer’s Needs, Listening Skills, Safe Environment  C---Communicate: Content, Dialogue, Flexibility, “Real World”  E---Empower: Use and Do, Develop Skills, Becoming, Encouragement  L---Launch: End and Send, Summary, Commitment to Action, Passion

7 Getting Started


9  Good News in the classroom  Follow the social contract


11  Teach the lesson  Summarizing, ending on a powerful note


13  What are you doing?  What are you suppose to be doing?  Are you doing it?  What are you going to do about it?  Note: Can’t deal with behavior and attitude at the same time, deal with behavior first.

14 Capturing Kids Hearts wants to remind teachers that it’s not what we teach, but how we teach that is important. We do not teach Content, We Teach Children.


16  Can you teach all Students?  Can you teach in all schools? (with the same results) “Anyone can steer a ship when the sea is calm.” Pubilius Syrus

17 In layman’s terms:  Develops a positive culture in your school  Addresses prevention  Teach Social Skills

18  Is not a curriculum  PBIS is a collaborative process for assessment and development of effective interventions.  PBIS emphasizes the use of prevention, teaching and reinforcement-based strategies to achieve meaningful outcomes.  PBIS strives to build effective environments, in which positive behavior is more effective than problem behavior.

19  A proactive systems approach to school-wide discipline (not a curriculum) designed to be responsive to current social and educational challenges.  A process that focuses on prevention and instruction.  A systems approach to promoting positive student and staff behavior, that incorporate empirically validated practices.

20  Problems in schools are increasing.  Typical responses are inefficient.  Schools implementing comprehensive PBIS see long-term changes. 1. Reduction of office discipline referrals 2. Reduction in suspensions 3. Increased staff morale and retention 4. Positive school climates  Move beyond punishment—teach, monitor, reward appropriate behaviors before relying on punishment

21  Total Staff Commitment  Create School wide Expectations and Procedures  Clearly defined consequences for correcting rule-breaking behaviors and procedures for rewarding appropriate behaviors  An instructional component for teaching students self-control, expected behaviors, and social skills strategies.



24  After the first year of PBIS interventions— GMS discipline office referrals dropped 66%  Discipline Referrals have continued to drop over the past 3 years.

25  Teach students the matrix during the first week of school  All students take a test on Matrix and classrooms that perform over 90% attend a reward afternoon.  Teachers give out PBIS tickets daily for good behavior, participation and acts of random kindness.

26  Students can use tickets for weekly drawings that include items donated from area businesses, free GMS dance passes, free game passes, free clinics hosted by area colleges, and afternoon reward incentives.  Teachers also are rewarded through drawings for different certificates or prizes.


28 Teresa Faucette, Principal Graham Middle School 311 East Pine Street Graham, NC School phone number— address: Heather Ward, Principal Southern Middle School Southern High School Road Graham, NC School phone number address:

29  Phone Number 

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