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Heather Hutchings, Jason Kopp & Ashley Greening.  Aphrodisiac: an agent such as food or a drug that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire or something.

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1 Heather Hutchings, Jason Kopp & Ashley Greening

2  Aphrodisiac: an agent such as food or a drug that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire or something that excites.  Named after Aphrodite  1000’s of years old

3  First aphrodisiac was human body odor  Egyptians and Babylonians used mandrake plant  Cleopatra used aphrodisiacs  Greek and Roman rituals  Publicly sold potions in ancient Rome

4  Aphrodisiacs a threat to chastity once Roman empire ended  Church banned:  Black beans  Avocados  Chocolate

5  Aztec and Incan cultures used aphrodisiacs for reproductive purposes  Used plant and animal substances:  Figs  Bananas  Chocolate  Cocoa bean  Ancient Asia used insects and animal parts

6  Used widely throughout the world, but Asia thought to be lead consumer  Westernized countries see as folklore  Scientists continue to study the effects on the body  Foods  Herbs  Other substances  Allen Hirsch M.D. studied how different smells affect sexual arousal

7  100’s of foods, herbs and scents thought to increase sexual desire  Vision, taste and olfactory stimulants  Chocolate, oysters and honey oldest known

8  Aztecs were the first to link chocolate with sexual desire  Montezuma Aztec Emperor  Scientist linked chocolate to phenylethylamine and serotonin  Serotonin linked to sexual arousal  Phenylethylamine released when people fall in love

9  Dates back 1000’s of years  Casanova ate 50 raw oysters before with lady of choice  Law of similarity  Contain high zinc levels necessary for sperm production  High in D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D- aspartate which increase testosterone levels  Dr. Robert Shmerling “testosterone plays a bigger role in libido”

10  Dates back to Medieval times used for mead  Ancient Persia celebrated “honey month”  Today used to raise sexual desire through folklore and science  Contains nitric oxide which opens blood vessels  3 ounces of honey increases nitric oxide level by 50%  Contains mineral boron which effects testosterone metabolism

11  Act through scents, taste and ingestion  Damiana and ginseng most popular in past and present

12  Used in Mexico and Latin America  Dates back to Mayan culture, used to remedy “giddy love”  In 1976 found to contain 5-hydroxy-7,3’,4’- trimethoxy-flavone which thought to act on GABA neuro-receptors and induce relaxation  Stimulates nervous system as well as sexual organs

13  Widely known to increase sexual health and desire  First mentioned in ancient Indian Medicine  May be remedy for sexual dysfunction  Many believe it looks like a “little man”

14  Both natural and synthetic scents are thought to increase sexual desire  Natural scents such as pheromones  Synthetic smells such as: jasmine, vanilla, pumpkin and cranberry

15  Biological signaling scents found in a persons body odor  Three types of sex related pheromones: steriod, copulins and Major Histocompatibility complex factors  Androstenone (steriod)- initiate mating behaviors  Copulins- communicate metabolic state  MHC- used for genetic disimiliarity

16 MHC Basic steroid structure Copulin structure

17 Synthetic Scents  Used in air fresheners, candles, body sprays and perfumes  Jasmine one of most potent scents, thought to increase sexual desire  Called “Queen of the night” in old India  Used to stimulate elephants to mate  Mentioned in Kama Sutra as a tea  Believed to have physiological and psychological effects  Shown to increase spermatozoa and assist in impotence and frigidity

18  Aphrodisiacs date back to the dawn of civilizations  Medical, religious and psychological purposes, through both their physiological effect and suggestion of shape  Today however, technological advances and nutrition do not produce the same effect as they did in the past  Scientist have found chemicals in foods, herbs and scents that aid and improve health of sexual reproductive organs  Chemicals mimic neurotransmitters and produce the same affect  Overall they still remain in the realm of folklore

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