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Smart Planner: No More Gambling When it Comes to Planning Your Schedule Session #33491 March 10th, 2014.

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1 Smart Planner: No More Gambling When it Comes to Planning Your Schedule
Session #33491 March 10th, 2014

2 Your Presenters Heather Jepsen Ashlee Anderson Pattie Adams
Worked on Smart Planner/Degree Search for the past three years. Academic Advisor, at the University of Arizona (UA), for five years prior to working on the Smart Planner. B.S. in Agricultural Technology Management, M.S. in Agricultural Education, from the UA. Ashlee Anderson Over 12 years advising experience. Working with eAdvising/Degree Tracker for its first year. B.A. in Business Administration and M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction Pattie Adams Co-Creator of Smart Planner, io-Consulting.15 years hands-on experience with PeopleSoft Student Administration software. Robust functional area expertise in Academic Advisement Module. Todd Yampol Co-Creator of Smart Planner. The Burgundy Group, Director & Senior Technical Consultant. Over 11 years of PeopleSoft technical experience

3 The University of Arizona
A public research university Located in Tucson, AZ Founded in 1885 40,621 Enrolled for Fall 2013 31,670 Undergraduates 8,951 Graduate & Professional Campus Solutions 9.0 PeopleTools Bundle 31 (32 going in this week) Internally branded as “UAccess”

4 Boise State University
A public research university Located in Boise, ID Founded in 1932 26,678 Enrolled through on-campus and distance education programs Campus Solutions 9.0 PeopleTools 8.51 Bundle 32 Internally branded as eAdvising and Degree Tracker planning tool

5 The Burgundy Group A specialized PeopleSoft & Oracle consulting firm
Application Development Consulting Managed Services Clients: Higher education institutions and large corporations worldwide In business over 10 years Based in Mesa, Arizona

6 io Consulting We help universities maximize and protect their investments in Oracle applications. Io Consulting is the only firm focused exclusively on Oracle applications for higher education. • 100% higher education • 100% Oracle focus • 100% customer success Areas of expertise include: • Campus Solutions • Oracle PeopleSoft Applications • Oracle Higher Education Cloud Applications

7 Learning Objectives Learn about new tool for recruiting, increasing retention and graduation rates Experience a new user friendly planner for Advisors and Students Learn about a successful case study of implementing a bolt-on, and adapting it to another university

8 Smart Planner

9 What is the Smart Planner?
Bolt-on enhancement to PS Academic Advising The Smart Planner Engine uses advanced algorithms to generate personalized multi-term degree plans, based on each student’s progress in their major(s) and/or minor(s) User-friendly self-service screens Shopping-style course selection Drag-and-drop to re-arrange courses Powerful administrative screens and processes

10 A Brief History of the Smart Planner
Developed at UA from May 2011 – June 2013 Team of 5-10 (functional, technical, management) Created by advisors for advisors Live for undergraduate majors since mid-2012 Implemented at BSU from July 2013 – Spring 2014 First majors went live in about 3 months (Oct 2013) Already live for majority of undergraduate majors UA & BSU rolled out majors college-by-college UA Smart Planner (SP) = BSU Degree Tracker (DT)

11 Heather Jepsen, University of Arizona
Demo Heather Jepsen, University of Arizona

12 Smart Planner Benefits
Ashlee Anderson, Boise State University

13 Benefits for Students Individualized degree plan based on all requirements completed, in progress, and planned Timeline to graduation is set by the student More efficient communication with academic advisor(s) Enroll from My Planner, using delivered screens Intuitive tool with dynamic features, user-friendly navigation

14 Benefits for University Administrators
Predict enrollment demand for courses Intervention reporting Proactive outreach to students Identify gateway courses critical to programs Standardized format for advising students, from orientation to graduation

15 Benefits for Advisors Ability to have electronic record of the plan that is always accessible Same view for students and advisors More efficient communication of requirements to students Advising meetings allow for student and career development “Smart Planner allows the student to take initiative and understand not only their degree requirements, but how it looks for them tentatively scheduled over their academic career.”

16 Implementing Smart Planner
Clean-up process for all curriculum Major plans vs. catalog vs. PS Advisement Report Scheduled offerings of courses Include advising groups for feedback Brings all resources into one place Emphasize this is a planning tool Anticipate managing changes

17 Pattie Adams, io-Consulting
Functional Overview Pattie Adams, io-Consulting

18 Functional Goal Making smart individualized term by term suggestions of requirements for all students

19 Functional Implementation
Prepare system for Smart Planner Setup, Loader, Engine Handful of bolt-on setup tables (most one time setup) Gather/Create typical major sequence Using typical sequence-create a requirement for every major (average of 5hrs per major) Academic Advisement Delivered Setup Tables (Main Menu>Academic Advisement>Academic Requirements) Added 2 new bolt-on tabs 2 configuration reports

20 Todd Yampol, The Burgundy Group
Technical Overview Todd Yampol, The Burgundy Group

21 What is it? 99% pure bolt-on – easy to maintain!
1200+ App Designer Objects 15 delivered objects modified Main Components 12 administrative screens & processes 15 self-service screens Smart Planner Engine Efficient: Engine usually takes 2-3 seconds Re-use delivered functionality wherever possible

22 Smart Planner Rules & Sequence
How does it work? Smart Planner Rules & Sequence Student Data Advising Report Smart Planner Results Smart Planner Engine Smart Planner Report PeopleSoft Delivered “My Planner” Course Catalog Schedule of Classes

23 How long does it take? (tech only!)
UA: 2 years to create BSU: 4-6 months to implement & enhance 2 months to install, adapt, generalize 2 months to implement enhancements 2 months of part-time assistance Additional enhancements Issue resolution Assist with migrations CSU: basic installation took a few weeks Technical timeline will depend on enhancements

24 Smart Planner Webinar For a longer version of today’s presentation, check out the archived webinar from February 12, 2014

25 Smart Planner 2.0 Webinar Smart Planner 2.0 & Slides
(requires HEUG login)

26 Questions?

27 Contacts Heather Jepsen Pattie Adams
Business Analyst, Degree Search/Smart Planner Senior Consultant io Consulting University Information Technology Services The University of Arizona Todd Yampol Director and Senior Technical Consultant Ashlee Anderson Project Lead, eAdvising The Burgundy Group University Enterprise Roadmap, eAdvising Boise State University

28 Presentations from previous meetings are also available
This presentation and all Alliance 2014 presentations are available for download from the Conference site at Presentations from previous meetings are also available

29 Screen Shots of the Smart Planner

30 Smart Planner Main Page (1)

31 Smart Planner Main Page (2)

32 Edit Preferences

33 Arrange My Plan

34 Smart Planner Report (1)

35 Smart Planner Report (2)

36 Overview (1)

37 What-If Report (1)

38 What-If Report (2)

39 What-If Report (3)

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