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The Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman

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1 The Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman
Heather Gillespie Common Interest Community Ombudsman 2013 Homeowner & Condominium Association Leadership Seminar - October 25, 2013

2 Back to the Basics The Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman… Manager Embezzlement – CICB Legislators Anomaly at DPOR Annual Report to General Assembly

3 Basic Questions True or False
The Ombudsman is an advocate for association owners The Ombudsman is a resource for association owners only The Ombudsman interprets the law and governing documents for association owners The Ombudsman can provide mediation for conflicts that arise within an association All association owner complaints should be submitted through the Association Complaint Process

4 The Complaint Process (Cliffs Notes Version)
(Almost) All associations must have a written complaint procedure Associations must review complaints Associations must issue a final decision If decision is adverse, complainant may “appeal” to CIC Ombudsman

5 Definition Association Complaint:
A written complaint filed by a member of the association or citizen pursuant to an association complaint procedure. An association complaint shall concern a matter regarding the action, inaction, or decision by the governing board, managing agent, or association inconsistent with applicable laws and regulations.

6 The Complaint Process (slightly abridged)
All common interest community associations MUST have a complaint process (No template available). September 28, 2012 In writing Readily available to members and citizens Sample form (Template available) 90 days Disclosure packet/Resale certificate Annual certification Don’t forget §55-530

7 Complaint Form Template

8 The Complaint Process (unabridged)
18VAC Provide written acknowledgement – 7 days Method for identifying/requesting additional information Date, time, location of hearing – reasonable time prior to consideration of complaint Written notice of final determination – 7 days Include proper information on determination Registration # of association Complainant’s right to file NFAD

9 Final Determination The complaint procedure shall result in a final determination that may be a Final Adverse Decision. A Final Adverse Decision is A final determination from the association, Where all avenues for appeal (if any) have been exhausted, and The determination is adverse to what complainant sought, and it Provides the complainant the right to submit a Notice of Final Adverse Decision to the Office of the CIC Ombudsman

10 The Flowchart Version

11 Notice of Final Adverse Decision
One more bite of the apple… Complainant must submit Notice of Final Adverse Decision to Ombudsman office on CICB forms Within 30 days of notice of final determination by the association Include a copy of complaint and all other documentation A $25 filing fee or “Request for Waiver” Do NOT provide additional commentary

12 Subject Matter Is the final adverse decision

13 Review of Final Adverse Decision
After receipt of properly submitted Notice of Final Adverse Decision by the OCICO: A copy of the NFAD will be sent to the association, and acknowledgement sent to Complainant The NFAD will be reviewed by the CIC Ombudsman The Ombudsman may provide information to association or complainant, in her sole discretion The decision made by the Ombudsman is final The decision is not subject to further review The decision is non-binding The matter may be referred to the CICB for further action.

14 Referral to the CIC Board
The CIC Board has the authority to File Suit, Intervene, Issue a Consent Order, Issue a Cease and Desist Order, and Assess Monetary Penalties

15 No Complaint Procedure?
On a very few occasions, a complaint can be submitted directly to the Ombudsman If the association does not have a complaint procedure in place If the association does not respond to a submitted complaint in the reasonable timeframe If the complaint is related to a violation of the CIC Manager Regulations

16 Office of the Common Interest
Contact Information Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman DPOR 9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400 Richmond, VA (804) Website: Regulatory:

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