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Carol Klotz Gittinger Great Oaks Career Development Campuses.

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1 Carol Klotz Gittinger Great Oaks Career Development Campuses

2  Took a hard look at our present PD Was it meeting our staff needs? Was it meaningful and building?  Recognized a need for ongoing PD  Harry Snyder’s connection with Heather Sass  Heather hired as Manager of School Improvement for Great Oaks  Harry, Heather, and Carol meet to plan PD

3  National Research Center for Career and Technical Education materials and Heather Sass’s expertise.  Determined where we were at in the year to determine our immediate needs (middle of the year at this point).  Designed a plan that would build on skills and sustain us through the next 18 months.

4  Fridays worked for us. Instructors have 16 Fridays (makeup days) to work; workday hours are 10:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.  Started with 4 hour blocks of time, including lunch  Developed a timeline for PD for full-time instructors from January 11, 2013 through June 6, 2014 (see “Timeline” handout)

5  We developed these for each session  First four sessions were four hours  Complaints from instructors as to the time commitment  Scaled back to 2 hours, brought lunch  This allowed time for various other duties before students came in at 3 p.m.

6  Instructors did use strategies  Instructors were able to observe other instructors give mini-lessons  Instructors able to try instructional strategies on peers to see if they worked  Instructors given a multitude of resources

7  Some resented being told how to teach  “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset  Resented time they could devote to other projects  Instructors had to travel to the central campus for training and back to their campus for instruction on these days

8  Designed to set teachers up for success for the beginning of the year.  All Curriculum Maps developed and/or updated  All Syllabi updated and ready for 2014  First two week of class were mapped out to set student and instructor up for success

9  High School goes to Marzano  Marzano Art and Science of Teaching Teacher Evaluation Model Learning Map  Consists of 41 Key strategies which are organized into 9 Design Questions

10  Instructors trained to model the high performance workplace with the high performance classroom  Student Learning Goals and their importance

11  The dreaded…”We need to talk….”  Instead of the session, we met and had honest and open feedback about the process  We learned and we redefined…

12  We had a difficult winter as you did and had to do more makeup…this cut into the PD  We listened and adjusted our sessions to one per month or sometimes twice a month  Yes, things slowed down.  We reworked the calendar…gained their trust.

13  High School has embraced the I-Observation Model from Marzano, and we are about a year behind them.  We have new staff and will need to start again.  We realize to have systemic change, we need to embrace a professional development model that will sustain our staff and be ongoing.

14  Sometimes we are uncomfortable learning new methods.  We see what it is like to “sit” in a chair for too long.  We learn more when we are engaged.  We can be uncomfortable when giving feedback.

15  What have you done to successfully conduct Professional Development in you career training centers?

16  Carol Gittinger, AWD Director Great Oaks  513-612-5793 

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