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FiftyOne Global Ecommerce

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1 FiftyOne Global Ecommerce
How to Grow Global Sales OBJECTIVE: Get people to invest in marketing for holiday and 2013 Rethink the way they think about “Global”/ ROW/ International Each country is another US Test & Test Again Heather Kaminetsky @heathkam

2 How do I grow my international sales?
Since joining FiftyOne, I have traveled and met a lot of you in the past 5 months and I keep hearing one basic question: How do I grow my international sales? While I can’t tell you everything in the next 40 minutes, I’m hoping that I can get you thinking about how to strategize and grow your international sales I also plan to tell you what we at FiftyOne are doing to help grow those sales.

3 This time last year I was…
Let me back up a step and tell you a little bit about me. I spent close to 6 years at Barneys New York where I worked on ecom, digital and offline marketing. At this time hat I was doing last year at this time - I spent 6 years at Barneys. I was just like you … Racing to finalize Holiday marketing & budgets, working on budgets for next year, juggling vendor discussions, buying media, media planning and direct mail planning for Spring (and we just started Fall), and let’s not forget corralling Lady Gaga And oh by the way, we also started shipping to 90 countries around the world. Juggling the domestic and then this thing called international came along.

4 If you build it… Global is not a field of dreams.
Insert HK rant here … <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Drive traffic Requires effort cannot be ignored Need to know who is buying so you can  get more like them Use promotion to drive acquisition People have never heard of your brand  If you are a Macy's they are not even looking for you but got your brands No one would ever claim that your dotcom in year 2000 was a field of dreams where you said "hi 50 states, please buy from me online, ok thanks." You all know firsthand it took time, effort, ideas and money to build it to what it is today. However, the way many people treat their international dotcom is exactly like a field of dreams - "hi 103 countries please buy from us". That's never going to work or be anything more than 1-3% of your US business.  It's going to take energy, time, testing, and even marketing dollars to grow.  We'll help you build a successful global business, you just need to realize its going to take more than a dream to become a reality. 

5 Thinking back…. How did you grow your domestic sales?
Leveraged brand awareness Significant marketing investments Tested, failed & tried again Free shipping was not always a part of the program You definitely did NOT compare it to your existing brick-and-mortar business on day one. Again, we get back to … how

6 Re-think your global strategy & thought process
Focus on a select group of countries Leverage your domestic business Leverage FiftyOne’s offering Invest Recognize: The Past is not the Future

7 ROW is not a country ROW is not a country
REST OF WORLD UNITED STATES ROW is not a country View countries as distinct, individual markets all with specific cultural nuances Different ways to consume media- print vs. online

8 Even regions are different
Checkout Conversion Average Order Values Here’s a snapshot: One of the biggest challenges that I keep seeing people have to overcome is the mind set that ROW is a country. If you focus on specific countries and pockets you can find marketable locations Great Pockets

9 Tale of two countries Ameerah Ulyana Sergeenko
I would like you to now start thinking about …….. These two countries moved into our top 10 within the past 9 months Both oil countries Very into luxury & wealth Saudi Arabia & Russia Similarities: Top 10 in FiftyOne Sales 400%+ YOY Growth for SA, crazy strong for Russia with Nov 2011 launch Affinity for luxury brands Country history/culture – oppression-type Oil wealth Differences: Volume: Russia – decent $2.2MM carts started/month (Canada is $14MM, Japan is $2.8MM for comparison) SA – less $1.5MM carts started/month Conversion: Russia – 10% very low, low for most SA – 16%. Is decent for some merchants, low for others AOV: Russia is $200 SA is close to $400 Online preferences: Russia searches on Yandex, social on VK SA search on, social on facebook Categories shopped for: from Analytics team Russia SA Values: Russia- Trust in brand/product, Good return policies SA- reputation of website, secure payment, price/value Shopping: Russia- research online with search engines, do not impulse buy SA- 70% research product reviews online; mostly men Pictures shown: Left – Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia, Right - Ulyana Sergeenko, Russian Glamour mag’s “trendsetter of the year” Ameerah Princess of Saudi Arabia Ulyana Sergeenko Russia’s “trendsetter of the year”

10 Comparison of countries
Saudi Arabia Russia Internet Users 68% Male – 32% Female Ages: % Ages: % 48% Male – 52% Female Ages: % Ages: % Psychographic Women’s apparel Traditional media Kid’s clothing & Women’s coats Social media Culture Ratings & reviews Personalization Luxury brands popular Product research Decision Factors Reputation of website Secure payment method Trust in brand Good return policies

11 Magazines, Newspapers, Email
Marketing Channels Saudi Arabia Russia Search Engine Marketing Social Media Outlets Marketplaces Affiliate CSE’s Preferred Channels Magazines, Newspapers, Social, Search, RUSSIA SAUDI ARABIA Yandex Social: Categories: Kids Category: Women’s Clothing Marketplace: Russia – IZ RUK V RUK -, Saudi Arabia: Amazon & Souk Affiliate: Russia – CSE: Russia – Yandex Market (like google)

12 All of this is very overwhelming and we are here to help you…

13 In conclusion Plan Market Test Analyze Identify opportunities
Invest effectively Test Identify methods to increase conversion Analyze Keep an open mind Analyze Do not judge by the standards of your 2012 domestic Returns on Ad Spend Do not become discouraged by current conversion rates

14 Thank you Analyze Do not judge by the standards of your 2012 domestic Returns on Ad Spend Do not become discouraged by current conversion rates

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