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Managed Services Greg Wheeler, Customer Care Team Manager.

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1 Managed Services Greg Wheeler, Customer Care Team Manager

2 Meet Heather! Heather is your administrator

3 Thanks Heather! Heather attends large amounts of training Sets up complicated import processes and workflows with custom scripting

4 Uh oh Heather then leaves for a better opportunity with her new skills How can you keep these critical systems running?

5 Solution A: Find a New Heather Taxing from HR and management standpoint Looking for candidates with OnBase or Kofax administration experience Ramp up time to learn system and configure Training takes time and money

6 Solution B: Managed Services Team of trained professionals Staffed to respond to incidents and requests Provides stability and continuity of service

7 What is Managed Services? New offering from SMC Manages the Application(s) that you need Expert Administration of your ECM system

8 Today’s IT Mission “Do more with less” The business requires more and more services with higher uptime IT needs to triage and simplify their responsibilities

9 Where do we fit in? In-house staff Staff Augmentation >> Managed Services << Outsourced IT

10 We know the Applications Proactively manage your OnBase or Kofax systems to minimize downtime We’ve seen and supported hundreds of systems over the years

11 Benefits Low upfront costs, predictable monthly costs Operational budget versus capital budget We apply Best practices Faster resolution of issues Less issues == less downtime More time to work on other issues!

12 (Non-obvious) benefits Rapid access to missing capabilities and skills We have a productivity incentive Familiarity with the system More sets of eyes for connected systems

13 Choose the help you need Systems Administration Monitoring/Alerting (Daily check ups, or more often if needed) Light Configuration work Preventative Maintenance

14 Managed Services is good for… Quick diagnosis of potential problems in the system Keeping services and processes running Working with a helpdesk to receive and resolve tickets Contacting end users for end user workstation troubleshooting Small configuration work

15 Not a good fit for… Upgrades and software distribution (Services projects) Maintaining all facets of the system (Operating Systems, hardware, network, connected systems, etc.) Staff Augmentation Conversion Work

16 Our process Identify level of service needed Identify systems to monitor Small discovery process Agree on systems to exclude

17 The future Looking to expand product offering Active monitoring of services and processes Reports More comprehensive solution Configuration and Professional Services blocks

18 Questions?

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