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Freshman Parent Program 2014 Radnor High School Guidance Counselors: Heather DiLalla, JJ Lemon, Sarah Mechura, Jeannie Semar, Donna Ward Agenda Counselor.

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1 Freshman Parent Program 2014 Radnor High School Guidance Counselors: Heather DiLalla, JJ Lemon, Sarah Mechura, Jeannie Semar, Donna Ward Agenda Counselor role and transitioning to the high school Academic review and support services Standardize tests and testing calendar Naviance overview and registration Course selection process

2 Guidance Counselors Jeannie Semar (A – Da) ◦ ◦ 610.293.0855 x 3527 Donna Ward (De - Hi) ◦ ◦ 610.293.0855 x 3526 Amy Wess (Ho - Ma) - Sarah Mechura is her LTS until mid-February ◦ ◦ ◦ 610.293.0855 x 3537 JJ Lemon (Mc – Sc) ◦ ◦ 610.293.0855 x 3524 Heather DiLalla (Se – Z) ◦ ◦ 610.293.0855 x 3523

3 The Role of the Counselor Freshman Year: ◦ Transition and Orientation to Radnor High School ◦ Guidance Lessons  Decision Making  Academic Planning  Introduction to Naviance Sophomore Year ◦ Personality Assessment  Career Interests and Information ◦ Guidance Lessons  Academic Planning  Naviance

4 The Role of the Counselor JuniorYear: ◦ Post-Secondary Planning ◦ Winter Evening Program SeniorYear ◦ Post-Secondary Planning ◦ Fall Evening Program

5 The Role of the Counselor Personal Counseling Academic Monitoring and Counseling Course Counseling HS Hope referrals Parent Resource

6 Guidance Department Staff Ms. Stephanie Querze 610.293.0855 Ext. 3522 Counselor Assistant Mrs. Leonor Gelpi-Perez 610.293.0855 Ext. 3529 Counselor Assistant Ms. Christine Hofman 610.293.0855 Ext. 3823 School Social Worker Dr. Dorothy Lowery 610.293.0855 Ext. 3530 School Psychologist Dr. Richa Kleiman 610.293.0855 Ext. 6122 School Psychologist Mrs. Amy Wildey 610.293.0855 Ext. 3309 School Psychologist

7 Academic Review Home Access Center Contact Nadine McDevitt in the Main Office for log in information Teacher Web Pages Accessible through the High School website

8 Quarterly Report Cards

9 Transcript Interpretation

10 Grading Scale Found on Page 11 of Program of Studies

11 Academic Supports Academic Success CenterRoom 115 Math Center Room 203 ◦ Open all 8 periods for students to drop in Writing CenterLibrary ◦ Open all 8 periods ◦ By appointment only – sign up sheet on Writing Center door Teacher Office Hours available After School Peer TutoringLibrary Writing Center ◦ Daily 2:30 to 3:30

12 HS Hope Student Assistance Program Students who are struggling personally, academically, or both Members include Counselors, Administrators, School Psychologists, School Nurse, and outside resources More information and referral forms available on the HS website

13 What are the college entrance exams? PSAT SAT ACT SAT Subject Test AP- not part of the admissions requirements

14 Standardized Testing Links www.collegeboard.orgwww.collegeboard.

15 Differences Between SAT/ACT ACTVSSAT Five sections: Reading, English, Math, Science, Writing CONTENTThree sections: Critical Reading Math Writing Four separate sections each completed before moving on to next content area with the essay section given last FORMATTen sections that jump from content area to content area with the essay section given first Each subject scored 1- 36; composite score also 1-36, essay score not included SCORINGEach section scored 200-800, all included in overall score, maximum total score is 2400 No penalty for incorrect answers TEST STRATEGYIncorrect responses result in the loss of a fraction of a point

16 When should your student be taking these exams? Freshman year ◦ OCTOBER - PSAT ◦ JUNE- SAT Subject Sophomore year ◦ OCTOBER - PSAT ◦ JUNE- SAT Subject Junior year ◦ OCTOBER- PSAT ◦ DECEMBER - JUNE – ACT, SAT, and/or SAT Subject Senior year ◦ SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER – ACT, SAT, and/or SAT Subject

17 Frequently Asked Questions Can students with a learning disability qualify for testing accommodations? ◦ PSAT, SAT, AP ◦ ACT Is preparation necessary? ◦ Refer to PSAT report- My Quickstart ◦ Free online practice ◦ Prep services & resource materials available for purchase

18 What is it? Naviance is a secure web-based planning and advising system that helps students navigate through high school and understand their post high school options Each student will create an account during 9 th grade Health classes in May

19 How NAVIANCE can help you Underclassman features Resume builder Career Interest Profiler Explore careers and clusters Personality type assessment (10 th grade) “Do What You Are” Summer enrichment opportunities Receive grade specific guidance emails Brag sheet for counselor letter of recommendation (11 th grade)

20 NAVIANCE for college bound students College search and match programs Display scattergrams and application statistics from Radnor Organize application deadlines Register for college visits Request transcripts Electronic submission of transcript, if accepted by a college/university Teacher recommendations Research scholarship opportunities

21 Naviance College Visit Sign Up

22 Naviance College Organizer

23 Scattergram

24 2014-2015 Program of Studies will be available on

25 Course Selection Timeline Students will be advised on how to access and request his/ her electives for next year during community period assembly. Please be sure to review the Program of Studies with your child and keep in mind that no schedule changes are allowed after June 27, 2014. Student Assembly

26 Course Selection Timeline Teachers will input course recommendations for major subjects from February 4 th through February 14 th. The teachers and students will meet during this time to discuss options. Teacher Recommendations

27 Course Selection Timeline Students should review the Program of Studies, talk with teachers, parents, counselors, and classmates to help select 3 electives and 3 back-up choices. Students will be responsible for uploading these choices into HAC February 18 th through February 21 st Be mindful of prerequisites and graduation requirements. Elective Choices

28 Course Selection Timeline Every student will meet with their counselor during the school day from February 24 th through March 7 th to review all courses selected. Counselors will be out of their offices those two weeks. We will review with students the following criteria: Total number of credits Leveling of classes Elective choices Overall balance of selections Counselor Meetings

29 Course Selection Timeline All course changes are processed by Guidance. Students can make changes to their schedule anytime on or before June 27 th. After this date, no requests will be honored. Core courses changes require an override form. English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language Elective changes do not require an override form. Course Changes

30 Course Selection Timeline Reviewing the Program of Studies and thinking about what courses they want for next year. Consult individually with teachers regarding course recommendations for next year. Seek out your Guidance Counselor with any questions. Prepare for mid-term exams January 21 st through January 24 th. What your child should be doing now

31 Questions?

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