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Arts and Health Heather Eardley National Projects Director.

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1 Arts and Health Heather Eardley National Projects Director

2 The Patients Association Long established independent charity The only major non-disease specific patient orientated campaigning group Campaigning on patients and carers issues raised at our national helpline Expanding to work locally with Trusts on projects to improve patient experience Use of patient stories, feedback and reports

3 “Listening to Patients, Speaking up for change”

4 Arts & Health The Arts represent new ways to “listen to patients” and portray their views in a powerful way and often with greater impact.

5 Case Study: NHS North West Creative ways to find and present patients views to commissioners: Community Reporting Use of other arts –Arthur and Martha Patience: an insider's guide to surviving ill-health

6 Benefits of Arts for Health Environment – real benefits – Surgeries/hospitals more welcoming – Communicate keys messages Involving People – Boosts confidence and self esteem – Less stress Bringing communities together Therapeutic value

7 “Much ill health can be attributed to social factors of isolation, loneliness, poverty, poor environment, unemployment and lack of community – art can reach the parts that conventional medicine cannot” Dr Malcolm Rigler GP Weston super Mare


9 Community Reporting

10 Arthur and Martha Source: Working with people with dementia

11 A group poem from Arthur + Martha health? depends where you’re born -how green the air is luck? the part of the brain that died and wont regenerate you either fall off the dustbin that way or not if you don’t laugh you’ll cry if you cry you might as well die

12 “Creative Ageing” A main theme at international conferences An alternative way to engage with people with dementia Arthur + Martha work Local projects in Dorset Manchester University

13 “Community Arts & Health” A lively supportive community is likely to create and sustain healthy individuals “Pub is a hub” Library information projects Patient and public engagement Promoting well-being as well as addressing ill health

14 Education & Information Patients, carers and health and social care professionals: Through drama, film, creative writing, visual Compass Project, Peninsula Medical School- humanities in medics training Shared decision making and co- production Making an impact

15 Unheard... Hearing the unheard is one of the biggest challenges in health and social care Conventional techniques are not enough The Patients Association recognises the potential of the arts in reaching unheard groups of people Possible collaboration with artists to hear people’s views and improve patient experience

16 Community Reporting video (once finalised etc. the version needs to be saved on the computer that will be playing this presentation and inserted into this slide)

17 Thank you Heather Eardley National Projects Director 07872622189

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