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1 1 New dates for Summit / Trade Show –Set Up starts Sunday March 18 2012 in San Antonio. –Trade Show is still set for Tuesday March 20. Start time is.

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1 1 1 New dates for Summit / Trade Show –Set Up starts Sunday March 18 2012 in San Antonio. –Trade Show is still set for Tuesday March 20. Start time is 10AM for kick off. The 2012 PepsiCo Training Summit and Trade Show has been rescheduled to March 19-22, 2012. We are asking ALL suppliers to please reconfirm their registration for the new Summit dates. Please return to the PepsiCo 2012 Summit Registration site and review and/or update your registration to ensure all information is correct. To begin this process, please have the email address and password that you initially used to register. If you have forgotten your password, please click on “Forgot Your Password” and it will be emailed to you. (You will only have 30 minutes to log in using the reset password after the email is sent to you.) Once you have entered the registration site click on “View or Change Existing Registration”. Enter your email address and password and click “Continue”. On the next page, choose “Personal Information” under the Edit column. Please review all the information and make any necessary changes. It is important to verify that ALL NAMES are correct so we can accurately prepare your name badges. Be sure to click on the box that asks you to verify your booth size and the box that asks you to verify all information is correct for the March 19-22, 2012 dates and click “Continue”. Next, choose “Agenda” from the Edit column and repeat the above steps. Please verify ALL MEAL COUNTS so we can accurately prepare for your meals. When you have finished making your changes click on continue which will bring you to the checkout page. You must click on the “Finish” button to complete this process. Please note: You will not be asked for another payment during this process. If you made your payment for the PepsiCo Tradeshow it has been recorded. All hotel room reservations that were made under the PepsiCo room block for February have been cancelled without incurring any charges. Any reservations made outside the room block remain the suppliers’ responsibility to cancel. Further information for re-booking hotel accommodations for the March 19-22, 2012 dates will be announced soon. New Dates and Confirm Process

2 2 2 Trade Show Information –Set Up starts Sunday for all large equipment suppliers. Doors open 1 PM -6 PM. Mostly fleet vendors or anyone with a large display. –Freeman ready for booth set up as early as 10 AM Monday- 6 PM –All booths include Pipe-Drape-6 foot table – two chairs- Wi–Fi access for entire trade show and 2- 100 Volt outlets. Any thing more is through Freeman with order form on line. Aisles will have carpet booths are optional. Larger booths let me know if you will require more that one table/ chair set up so we can schedule with Freeman. Other larger booths are Kaman-Grainger- United Rentals –No need for any hard wire Wi-Fi as wireless should have enough speed for most applications. –Booth set up continue Tuesday AM from 7-9 AM. Please limit these –9 AM mandatory supplier meeting to discuss “No Limits Rules” and to secure game packages. Only one person from each vendor is required to attend this meeting. Meeting in Exhibit Hall A. Listen for announcements on convention center house PA system Overview Summary No Limits Overview

3 3 3 Trade Show Information –Monday evening we will host a buffet dinner and casino event in Ballroom C starting at 6 till 9:30PM as a chance to network in advance of the Tuesday Trade show. –As a part of the casino night we will have a hosted cocktail function in conjunction with the casino event. Kevin Campbell from IH is heading up the function with supplier sponsoring cocktails and all extra proceed with go toward the Wound Warrior Fund. Three levels of participation are available with vendor recognition throughout the event for your donation. This is in lieu of 20 different events at the hotel or convention center all competing for the same group of people. If you play poker please advise so we can create a list of suppliers to play the game. –Main Session start Tuesday at 10 AM in Ballroom C with short PepsiCo overview and Terry Bradshaw as key note speaker. –Lunch from 11:15- 12:15 noon. Followed by short supplier award session and then trade show and net working from 1-7 PM please note longer hours this year than past years. Starting at 5:30 we will open beer –wine and dinner action station as people mingle through the booths. Overview Summary No Limits Overview

4 4 4 Trade Show Information –Tuesday is only day for RC and most of the OG&S Suppliers. For all fleet supplier we will open the trade show again on Wednesday AM from 8-10 AM for additional conversations. The reason for this is because of the large number of fleet people and suppliers the request came for more one on one time. If you have an overlap with some fleet function and you are part of the OG&S group you should be a part of the Wednesday event. Any question reach out to Greg Beard on the OG&S team for direction or myself. Overview Summary No Limits Overview

5 5 5 Set Up Lot will be in one of the Alamo Dome parking lots similar to last year – Still waiting on confirmation of lot We will start receiving equipment at 9 AM Sunday 3-18-2012 –On Site wash and detail crews available. Fleetwash and Big Daddy for detailing. ( Cash Only) Same fuel requirement as last year. All equipment less than ¼ of a tank for fuel. Disconnect batteries once units are inside. FLNA Fleet people will need all keys. At end of business Sunday Booth numbers will be send week of February 20 for shipments going to Freeman warehouse. Do not send anything to the convention center unless it is the week of the show. No storage space Large Vendor Update Large Equipment Overview Fleet Vendors Booth layout from Grainger –Kaman and United Rental Confirm booth size is enough please. All Vendor note parking is limited best bet is parking garage next to Hyatt hotel one fee for all day. Next best bet in convention center lot 1.5 blocks toward Alamodome. OGS Large Equipment If you will not be there to position equipment send detail design to Dennis Start to move in at 1 PM Sunday sharp Continue till 6 PM Sunday Confirm via E Mail all equipment that you will bring so we can confirm space. Driver cell phone needed for all suppliers Pick up after Thursday 1 PM in Dome parking lot. Forklift supplier OK on Monday AM early

6 6 6 Every supplier is required to bring with them the Three “Big Bets” to share with each person who stops by the booth. See template that was send on Tuesday as and example Please do not embarrass your company by calling me to ask what your three points should be, if you don’t know three things that separates your company from the competition then we have bigger problems. Superior Graphic can do all printing of “ Big Bets” –5 deck minimum that gives you 260 cards to pass out for $52.00 –10 decks of 520 cards cost $93.60 –15 decks of 780 cards cost $132.60 Send all orders directly to Heather Maloy at Superior or call 972-739-2658 Drop dead date to get orders in will be March 7 COB We will gather and bring all cards to San Antonio for you to pick up. Study “PepsiCo Fact to Know” for Team points. These will start January 3 2012. Please study. Superior Graphics Heather Maloy National Accounts Manager 214-991-7893 cell 972-739-2658 direct 972-690-6029 fax Three Key Points Other Notes

7 7 7 Three Key Points Other Notes Total Event “Game Update” And Big Bets Template Example

8 8 Trelleborg Wheel Systems Ken Cooper 330-569-4194 Phone

9 9  Performance – Our quality products are designed with your applications in mind. Trelleborg’s Long Distance Non Marking compound outlasts other non-marking tires by over 40%.  Reliability- Trelleborg is ready to assist you with your industrial tire needs and questions. We have a large network of serving dealers and aftermarket product support that can help assess your needs and offer technical assistance at your locations  Service- We understand your time is valuable. If you need products, you just make one phone call top our customer service and we take care of the rest. 1-888-PepsCo.  PepsiCo - 2 for 1 offer- For the next 45 days buy one tire get the second tire free. We like to make new friends and break even on most of our deals. 1-888-PepsiCo Trelleborg your “No Limits” one stop shop for all industrial tire needs today and in the future.

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