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Kilimanjaro Climb, 2007 Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania.

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1 Kilimanjaro Climb, 2007 Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

2 Itinerary Fly NY to Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro Airport (July 1, 2007) One-day safari, Arusha National Park Orientation day (meet guides, meet fellow hikers, review gear) Drive to trail head (~ 3 hours); start walking to Big Tree Camp (Forest) Hike to Shira Camp (forest and heather zones) Hike to Moir Camp (heather to moorland zone) Hike to Barranco Camp (go past Lava Tower at 15,000 feet) Hike to Karanga Camp (climb up Barranco Wall at start of day) Hike to Barafu Camp (“base camp”; 15,000 feet; alpine desert) Hike to Summit and Crater Camp (or back to Barafu) Hike to Mweka Camp (back in forest; busy camp) Hike to Gate to exit park, drive back to Moshi Shopping in Moshi, to airport by 6pm Fly to Dar es Salaam, to Amsterdam, to Newark

3 First night in Tanzania KIA Lodge, Room 36 Wonderful gardens

4 Inside Room 36 Mosquito net Lizard, too

5 KIA Lodge Dining area

6 Arusha National Park View from crater rim down to interior of crater – herd of buffalo at center of picture.

7 One of many pictures of giraffes One of many giraffes we enjoyed watching

8 One of many pictures of giraffes Baboons on road Dense forest Curvy, steep hills

9 Blue monkey We also saw the striking Colobus monkeys

10 Garden at Keys Hotel Orientation meeting The 10 Hikers:

11 Kibo Peak Keys Hotel, Moshi

12 Brief stop at small village on the way to the Park Gate

13 Hikers at the Trail Head – eager to get rolling ANTS!

14 Hiking Day 1, Forest Notice porters – gear on head or neck Lead Guide, Elias

15 First full view of Kibo at dusk Tents in foreground

16 Heather zone, below the clouds Southwest of Kibo Peak, Shira Plateau Hikers off to right give idea of scale

17 Getting closer to the peak! Hikers take a break near end of Shira Plateau Notice sign (toward Moir Camp) Notice yellow Gamow bag

18 View inside dining tent (seats 6); two hot meals/day Dinner: soup; starch plus meat (beef, chicken); fruit Aluminum plates, utensils Thermos with hot water (Milo, coffee, tea)

19 Lobelia plant Moorland zone, above clouds About 13,000 + feet (fine days, cool nights)

20 Karanga Camp Yellow tents for hikers Small green tent at right foreground is the “bathroom” tent

21 Karanga Camp – especially scenic Kibo much closer

22 Barafu Camp (base) Mawenzi – sister cone Red dining tent Tusker Trail Flag

23 White-neck Raven perches on Tourists Toilets – which perch on side of cliff

24 Our guides (Gaudence, Elias, Steven) early break on the way to the summit

25 Summit! 19,340 feet

26 Blair’s photograph of the Rebmann Glacier from the summit

27 Leaving the Mountain Forest during last day of hiking

28 Farewell to Kilimanjaro – last view of Kibo as we entered the Airport to fly home

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