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SCBMDN - AGM Achievements and Future Plans Dr Heather Holmes Manager SCBMDN.

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1 SCBMDN - AGM Achievements and Future Plans Dr Heather Holmes Manager SCBMDN

2 At our last AGM 4 steering committee meetings Representatives from 14 HBs PTH No constitution No manager No website Pathology Harmony Workforce data No Diagnostic Steering Group

3 In 2011-2012 Manager appointed Constitution and Terms of Reference Website Pathology Harmony Workforce data HbA1c, PSA, CA125 Annual Report and Work Plan

4 Constitution What? Why? Who? How? When?

5 Website

6 Pathology Harmony TestIntervalTestInterval Sodium133-146 mmol/LCalcium2.2-2.6 mmol/L Potassium3.5-5.3 mmol/LPhosphate0.8-1.5 mmol/L Chloride95-108 mmol/LMagnesium0.7-1.0 mmol/L Bicarbonate22-29 mmol/LProtein60-80 g/L Urea2.5-7.8 mmol/LAlbumin35-50 g/L Creatinine (M)50-120 umol/LBilirubin<21 umol/L Creatinine (F)50-100 umol/LALP30-130 U/L Urate (M)200-430 umol/LALT5-55 U/L Urate (F)140-360 umol/LAST10-45 U/L Osmolality275-295 mmol/kgCK (M)40-320 U/L CK (F)36-200 U/L

7 Workforce data

8 HbA1c Single unit (mmol/mol) reporting Use in diagnosis

9 Tumour markers

10 Diagnostic Steering Group DSG SMGC SG Effective Delivery Group Quality Alliance Board HSCMB 18 weeks RTT Programme Board SPANMDICN SCB MDN Bacteriology/Virology MDN Scottish Cancer Taskforce PET Advisory Group Cervical Cytology Laboratory Consortia Steering Group Breast and Cervical Screening National UK National Screening Committee Bowel Screening Programme Board AAA Screening Programme Board Scottish Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee NPF NSD Efficiency Portfolio Board

11 Annual Report - Administration Feb 2012 Mar 2012 Steering Committee Manager Constitution

12 Communication Feb 2012 Mar 2012 Health Board Representation Other Stakeholders Wider network – Invitation to AGM Website Diagnostic Steering Group

13 Clinical Effectiveness Feb 2012 Mar 2012 PTH Adjusted calcium Pathology Harmony HbA1c

14 Data Feb 2012 Mar 2012 Workforce

15 Plans for 2012-2013 Communication –Video-conferencing –Patient/user representation –Website –Meeting summaries

16 Clinical effectiveness –Pathology Harmony –Clinical Outcome measures –Tumour markers

17 Data –Workforce –Workload –Keele –Quality / key performance indicators

18 Next steps Approval of work plan Funding? Sharing resources with other MDNs? Demonstrating impact –Outcome measures –Keele

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