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Prepositional Phrases

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1 Prepositional Phrases
…With the help of Scrubs

2 Prepositional Phrases
Starts with a preposition Includes modifiers Ends with the next noun which is called the object of the preposition Ex. Heather Graham played a psychologist in the TV show Scrubs. Prep. phrase: in the TV show Scrubs preposition modifiers object of preposition

3 Heather Graham She was only in 9 episodes…so sad.

4 Prepositional Phrases
Prepositional Phrases are used to describe and give more information about other words Ex. Dr. Cox has an angry look on his face. Tells us where to find the angry look. Ex. J.D. works at Sacred Hearts Hospital. Tells us where J.D. works.

5 Dr. Cox Mr. Sarcasm himself…if only I could treat students they way he treats his fellow doctor…but then I’d get fired.

6 Find the Prepositional Phrases
Most of the doctors in the hospital have the hots for Dr. Reid. At the beginning of the series, J.D. and Dr. Reid dated. This relationship is a source of tension through the rest of the series. Elliot Reid

7 Find the Phrase and Tell What it Modifies
The patient on the table died. J.D. cried for hours. The janitor is my favorite character on the show. Turk is cool, too – you can’t leave him out of the PowerPoint.

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