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Heather Bacher Executive Director 317-631-LAND (5263) Preserving Nature in the Heart of Indiana.

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1 Heather Bacher Executive Director 317-631-LAND (5263) Preserving Nature in the Heart of Indiana

2 What is a Land Trust? Private nonprofit organizations working to conserve land Focus might be natural, recreational, scenic, historical or productive values Tools include land acquisition and/or the acquisition of development rights

3 Growth in the Number of Land Trusts, 1950 - 2003 From the 2003 National Land Trust Census


5 Acres Protect, 1990 vs 2003 From the 2003 National Land Trust Census

6 Types of “Land Trusts” Differences in scaleDifferences in focus Central Indiana Land Trust (and other regional trusts) The Nature Conservancy Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana


8 Our mission Through land Protection, Stewardship and Education, the Central Indiana Land Trust Inc. preserves biological diversity and enhances life in our communities for present and future generations.

9 Ongoing Goals of CILTI Increase the number of acres protected Expand community involvement in conservation Enhance quality of life for Central Indiana Hoosiers

10 CILTI Land Protection Activities Donations of land Fair Market Value Purchases and Bargain Sales Conservation Easements

11 Being Strategic Land trusts have the techniques… must also have strategies. Where to expend resources What land to protect How to protect it With whom to partner

12 Current Trends Scenario, from luci2 Urban Simulation Model By the IUPUI Center for Urban Policy and the Environment Visit for more info on luci2

13 Strategic Conservation - the next generation of conservation action? Promoting Green Infrastructure What to develop and what to preserve Based in Science and Community Coordinated with planning for gray infrastructure “Designed holistically, planned comprehensively, laid out strategically, planned and implemented publicly, grounded in principles and practices of diverse professions, funded up-front”

14 Issues Timing is everything Advantages to Land Trusts promoting GI Regional, nonprofit (can fundraise), not political, mission-based, can provide framework for more proactive approach, shared vision can reduce conflict surrounding new development, increased quality of life Disadvantages No authority, controversial, can annoy landowners, developers, local officials etc., mission drift?

15 One Possible Process toward GI Create the vision Develop an implementation strategy Identify funding, tools and resources

16 Johnson County Visioning Important Elements Partnership with the Johnson County Community Foundation Engagement of stakeholders in the planning process local government involvement community participation Learning from other models

17 Johnson County Visioning Our Process Initial meeting with invited stakeholders hosted by the community foundation Creation of an advisory group/steering committee One-on-one meetings with officials and other important stakeholders Community interactive forums Engage stakeholders in the planning process Produce a product/report for all to see

18 Johnson County Visioning Goals Identify the significant land use issues for the county, Prioritize the issues identified in the process, Work with a Johnson County Advisory Committee to identify shared values and create a Vision Statement

19 Johnson County Visioning Outcomes Comprehensive view of the needs and opportunities Guide for officials and conservation organizations Ability to plan ahead rather than retrofit greenspace (a plan to guide growth that would provide for conservation) Just the beginning of a regional effort? Outcomes for other stakeholders?

20 Johnson County Visioning Tips Be inclusive Know what has come before Expect differences of vision Engage experts

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