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FACTS An Informational Powerpoint for Elementary Students

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1 FACTS An Informational Powerpoint for Elementary Students
Created by Heather Galligan

2 Everything you want to know about Ladybugs…
The Basics Body Parts Habitat Foods they eat Ladybugs as Food Life Cycle Fun Facts Hotlist of Ladybug Resources

3 LADYBUG BASICS There are about 5,000 different kinds
Ladybugs are insects They are a type of beetle – and are sometimes called Ladybeetles They are usually red or orange with black spots or black with red spotted wings

4 LADYBUG BODY PARTS Six jointed legs One pair of antennas
3 body sections Head Thorax Abdomen antenna head legs thorax abdomen

5 LADYBUG HABITATS Fields Forests Grasslands Gardens
Inside People’s Homes Habitat – a place where animals live and grow

6 WHAT DO LADYBUGS EAT? Aphids are ladybugs’ favorite food. an aphid
They also help farmers by eating other garden pests.

7 LADYBUGS AS FOOD? Birds enjoy eating ladybugs.
Ladybugs avoid predators by Playing dead Making a bad tasting and smelling chemical Predator – an animal that hunts and eats another animals

8 LADYBUG LIFE CYCLE 1st stage – egg (hatches after 3-7 days)
2nd stage – larva (2-4 weeks) 3rd stage – pupa (5-7 days) 4th stage – adult (a few months)

9 FUN FACTS Their wings flap 85 times per second
Their spots fade as they get older They hibernate and live off stored fat Males are smaller than females 4 ladybugs were sent to space for an experiment in and survived!

10 LADYBUG HOTLIST This Enchanted Learning Link has tons of facts about ladybugs and exciting activities related to ladybugs. This site by Mrs. Seagraves has a ton of information, activities, and resources about ladybugs. You can find tons of info and activities on this Ladybug Website created by Jerrie S. Cheeks.

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