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Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Cottage Grove High School Kay Graham -- Principal Kim Scrima -- English Teacher Heather Bridgens -- English Teacher.

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1 Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Cottage Grove High School Kay Graham -- Principal Kim Scrima -- English Teacher Heather Bridgens -- English Teacher Tim Dudley -- EnglishTeacher

2 I. Introduction and Overview Heather Bridgens

3 II. Road Map: The How and Why Kay Graham

4 Why the Staff Embraced Writing Across the Curriculum OAKS DATA

5 Writing Scores Had "Flatlined" Writing scores had not improved in 4 years beyond an average of 51%, based on OAKS "trend data" Despite strong results in reading, writing had not "taken care of itself" as promised by the reading experts Sense of "urgency" created by the need to have the class of 2013 achieve writing proficiency Staff understood that writing is a skill that needs to be taught and practiced often

6 Most Recent Data 2010-2011 Meeting Standards Data: Reading: 90% Writing: 68% Math: 70% 2011-2012 Meeting Standards Data: Reading: 85% Writing: 68% Math: 70%

7 Process: Moving the Building Forward with a Focus on Writing...Embracing Deliberate Practice Identified achievable building goals based on input from teacher leaders and buy-in from the staff Restructured staff meetings to focus on professional development in writing and writing assessment Self-evaluated our progress in meeting the building goals three times during the year in 2011/contiued evaluating progress in classroom observations in 2012

8 Process: Moving the Building Forward with a Focus on Writing (cont.) Assigned TOSA staff as Writing Coaches in 2011 Helped staff feel confident as writers themselves with the ability to teach writing in their content areas Advice: Experiment! Be willing to try new things even if there is no "best practice" to back up what you and your team think is a good idea.

9 Our Building Goals for Writing 1.Increase the number of writing opportunities for students 2.Increase opportunities for students to share their writing aloud 3.Use school-wide methods like TEA and "hit the bridge" 4.Examine writing data in order to design interventions

10 Meanwhile....Local Reading Assessment School Mission: Creating a culture of achievement where the focus is on learning and where all students experience academic success in a positive and welcoming environment Building Goal for Reading: All students on track for a regular diploma will earn the diploma. Testing will not be a barrier for graduation with a regular diploma.

11 What We Did and Our Results for Local Assessment 1. Spring 2011 teachers helped write local reading assessment for Lane ESD 2. General Ed teacher and Principal trained at ESD in scoring local assessment and access of secure assessments 3. Team (Principal, SPED, ESL, General Ed, Assistant Principal) met to determine plan of action for 15 students who had not met benchmark.

12 What We Did and Our Results for Local Assessment Continued: 4. Plan of Action: a. Continue testing through OAKS b. Set up small group tutoring with scoring expert c. Worked with other ESDs to locate secure reading assessment for ELL/ESOL d. Met with students on Saturdays, holidays, and during school days to complete and revise assessments Results: All local assessments were externally assessed. 100% of students met standard through local assessment if they did not meet through the OAKS test.

13 III. Preparation, Intervention And Integration Kim Scrima

14 Preparation in Language Arts Department o common goals, outcomes, techniques of focus o common assessments o common vocabulary Intervention o reading and writing workshops o staff wide scoring of writing work samples Integration in All Departments o sustained practice of skills taught in language arts o common vocabulary

15 Preparation: Four Year Plan

16 Preparation: College/Career Ready Honor-Level Option in loop to prepare for AP Advanced Placement Class junior year Writing 115: Research Writing o required class o college credit option Writing 121: college credit option

17 Preparation: Alignment of Instruction Common goals, outcomes, strategies, techniques of focus, and vocabulary Summer Reading Program Common Assessment o local reading tests o writing samples o staff-wide scoring of writing samples


19 Intervention Reading Intervention Program (decoding) Junior Writing Workshop Junior Reading Workshop Senior Assessment Intervention Class Staff-wide Scoring of Writing Work Samples

20 Staff-Wide Scoring of Writing Samples Oregon Department of Education Official Scoring Form

21 Staff-Wide Scoring of Writing Samples Google Form created from ODE Official Scoring Form

22 Data Collection of Work Samples Data collected from Google Form

23 Sophomore Writing Samples Scores Results analyzed from Google Form

24 Intervention: The Junior Writing Workshop  Targets students who have not passed Oaks  Uses work samples scored by staff and 10th grade Oaks scores to target instruction  Provides specialized instruction during the school day (emphasizing workshop importance)  Uses data to focus on biggest areas of concern

25 The Junior Reading Workshop  Targets students who "nearly meets" on Oaks  Provides student scores and feedback  Emphasizes five important test taking strategies: take breaks, print passages, annotate, go slow, read questions first  Provides alternative test setting  Discusses the local assessment alternative: time and difficulty

26 Integration Kelly Gallagher: Mentor Texts and Model Writing Six Traits Assessment: staff-wide scoring o All staff trained o All staff score work samples o plan to extend to science and social studies Elegance Techniques: Focus on Conventions and Sentence Fluency Skate Park: public writing model TEA Paragraph Google Docs

27 IV. Techniques of focus Tim Dudley

28 Writing Across the Curriculum TEA Paragraphs TEA Paragraphs using Google Docs TEA Paragraphs and Standards Tim Dudley

29 TEA Paragraph Topic Sentence Evidence Analysis or Explanation

30 Focus on the paragraph "I would argue that the paragraph, not the sentence, is the basic unit of writing—the place where coherence begins.... If the moment of quickening is to come, it comes at the level of the paragraph." Stephen King

31 TEA = Ideas and Content Oregon Scoring Guide for Writing

32 TEA = Ideas and Content T E A Oregon Scoring Guide for Writing

33 TEA = Organization "The ideal expository graf contains a topic sentence followed by others which explain or amplify the first.... Topic-sentence-followed-by- support-and-description insists that the writer organize his/her thoughts." Stephen King

34 TEA Paragraphs using Google Docs: Comments TEA paragraph in Google Docs

35 TEA Paragraphs using Google Docs: Revision History TEA paragraph in Google Docs

36 TEA Paragraphs & Common Core "The emphasis in the Common Core is to learn to read and write in ELA and to develop those skills, specific to the content, in all other classes."

37 Common Core Is Coming You are here CCSS Toolkit: Awareness & Transition

38 Common Core Shifts CCSS Toolkit: Awareness & Transition Evidence Analysis Writing Across Curriculum

39 TEA across the Curriculum Scientific Inquiry Scoring Guides

40 TEA across the Curriculum Scientific Inquiry Scoring Guides T E A

41 Talking TEA

42 V. Strategies, Routines, Examples Heather Bridgens

43 VI. Where Do We Go From Here?: Next Steps Kay Graham

44 Next Steps Continue focus on literacy and writing o Summer Reading: This year our incoming 9th grade students and our 10th grade students had required summer reading and writing. We hope to make this a norm for every grade level. Staff development o Continue writing professional development with staff o Tie this into "college readiness" goals.

45 Next Steps (cont.) Revisit writing goals and adjust where necessary Examine and adjust writing workshop Celebrate successes with students and staff Transition into Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment

46 Experts And Resources Halupa, Paul o Techniques: Skate Park, E-Techniques o A Program of Prisms "Classic Composition" (2010) o email: King, Stephen o Techniques: paragraph concept, quotes, philosophy o On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft (2000) Dudley, Tim o Techniques: TEA paragraph o Gallagher, Kelly o o Teaching Adolescent Writers (2006)

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