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Getting the Word Out Holding a Town Hall Meeting

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1 Getting the Word Out Holding a Town Hall Meeting
Heather West, MEd. American Cancer Society Community Manager – Health Initiatives

2 Holding a Town Hall Meeting: Objectives
Identify steps to plan an effective Town Hall Meeting. Provide tips on how to promote your event. Offer examples of supporting documents used to implement a Town Hall Meeting.

3 Planning a Town Hall Meeting
Planning Committee Objectives Format

4 Planning Committee: Make Selection Early Form Partnerships
Utilize Resources Define Responsibilities Plan Manage Promote

5 Bringing the Community Together
Identify Objectives: Bringing the Community Together Under a Common Goal Create Awareness vs. Call to Action What’s your issue and what do you want people to know or do? Empowering or Informative

6 Format: Panel Media Roundtable Policy Panel
Policymakers and General Public Media Roundtable Reporters Policy Panel Recommendations/Findings from Public Input

7 Logistics When, Where, Etc.

8 Location, Location, Location:
Location is Key! Set the tone of your event. Make Determination Early Accessibility Parking Meets Format Needs Neutral Ground Public Library, Community Centers, Hospitals, Universities

9 Finding the Right Date:
Equally Important Coordinate with Key Policymakers and other VIPs Scout Community Calendars Avoid Competing Community Events

10 The Panelists: Experts In the Field Broad Range of Experience
Local Angle Well Prepped Define Roles, Event Background, Informal Prep Session

11 The Facilitator: Community Figure Neutral Party
Seen as a “Collaborator” Responsible for Facilitating Panel Discussion and Fielding Questions

12 Staffing the Event: Who is job is it anyway?
Media Requests Meet and Greet Panelists and the Audience Distribute Materials Record Comments/Questions Manage Equipment

13 Achieving the success you want and deserve.
Event Promotion Achieving the success you want and deserve.

14 Getting the Media Out: Media Advisory Alerts the medial of your event
News Releases Provides content for reporters to use Press Kits Provides details for reporters who cover the event

15 It’s Not Just the Media:
Personal Invites Other Meetings/Organizations Event Calendars Flyers/Posters Letters to the Editor

16 The Day is Finally Here…..
The Town Hall Meeting The Day is Finally Here…..

17 Ready, Set, Go: Room Set Up Meeting Implementation
Facilitate Interviews

18 What’s Next?

19 Wrapping Things Up: Press Release Follow-up with Media Representatives
Thank You Notes Debrief Action Plan/Report Celebrate Your Success!

20 Resources:

21 Thank You!! Heather West 785.472.4075

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