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Writing answers to questions

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1 Writing answers to questions
B. What conflict is Heather facing? The conflict Heather faces is… Heather is facing the problem… Heather’s conflict is…..

2 C. What evidence is there that the tension between Heather and Risa has increased?
The evidence that the tension between Heather and Risa has increased is… The tension between Heather and Risa is shown when….

3 D. Why doesn’t Risa want to read aloud?
Risa doesn’t want to read aloud because…

4 Compare and contrast how you left with how Heather leaves.
When I left __________________, it was similar to when Heather left because… When I left, it was different because I…

5 Why does Heather decide to hide the book?
Heather decides to hide the book because… Heather hides the book because….

6 How has Heather’s conflict become more complicated?
Heather’s conflict gets more complicated because… Heather’s conflict becomes more complicated when

7 How does Miss Benson’s eye bouquet increase Heather’s conflict with Risa?
(Does the following response really answer the question?) Heather’s conflict with Risa increases because of Miss Benson’s eye bouquet.

8 Miss Benson’s eye bouquet increases Heather’s conflict with Risa because…

9 I. What experiences have you had that help you understand Heather’s actions?
Two experiences that I have had that help me understand Heather’s actions are…..

10 J. How does Risa’s question affect Heather?
Risa’s question makes Heather…..

11 How does that experience help you to understand how Heather is feeling?
The first time I realized that my first impression of someone was wrong, I felt… Which helps me understand how Heather is feeling.

12 What is the resolution of the conflict between Heather and Risa?
The conflict between Heather and Risa ends when ….

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