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Rejuvenating Downtowns: Lessons from Sacramento Heather Fargo Former Mayor City of Sacramento, California.

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1 Rejuvenating Downtowns: Lessons from Sacramento Heather Fargo Former Mayor City of Sacramento, California



4 River District Policy Framework “Setting the Table” River District Specific Plan Special Planning District Design Guidelines Historic Landmarks Finance Plan

5 Railyards Policy Framework Specific Plan Development Agreement Infrastructure Design Owner Participation Agreement

6 Waterfront Policy Framework Riverfront Master Plan Docks Specific Plan Parks Master Plan

7 Creating Places for Celebration

8 O Enhancing the Green Corridor

9 Downtown Activation Strategy - Focus the approach on key areas - No need to wait for big projects - Demand shows enough space exists - Deliver something different that is not offered in suburbs

10 Initiatives Retail Recruiter Focused Incentives Infrastructure Study Street Aesthetics Increase Housing Refocus on the Grid Reintroduction of Vehicular Traffic

11 CORE STRATEGIES Plan broadly and long-term; Implement incrementally Maximize resources Work across and around Aggressively pursue opportunities Strengthen connectivity between areas Don’t lose focus

12 Capital Mall 500 Capital Mall 621 Capital Mall

13 Old Sacramento OrleansEbner

14 J Corridor Elks Grand listed structure two blocks from Capitol Retrofit of ground floor from small interior offices to destination restaurant Catalyst for retail and office leasing in rest of building Loan repaid with building’s success; restaurant guaranteed operation for 10-years

15 Citizen Hotel 197-rooms, signature restaurant and unique outdoor dining $9.85 million project-related tax increment pledged back to project Catalyst project adding street- level vibrancy and activity Forgivable loans for structural/historic elements Permanent loans repaid with share of hotel and restaurant revenues Opened 2008 J Corridor

16 K Corridor Ella’s Cosmopolitan/Cabaret

17 K Corridor Streetscape Crest

18 Cars on K K Street: 1960’s

19 19 Esquire /IMAX New architectural elements inspired by historic art deco facades, theater marquees $6 million Agency funds used for public elements – upgraded streetscape, artwork, historic preservations Developer tax increment guarantee key to public assistance. Adjacent to convention center and convention hotels

20 20 Public Market – Sheraton Hotel Unique Non-profit corporation ownership Innovative jacking technique to transfer loads to new framework Active historical use reinvented for today’s needs Convention hotel with a boutique feel Activates city’s main arterial

21 21 Ransahoff’s – Pyramid Brewery Former department store & restaurant Forgivable loan structure for preserving the historic and stabilizing building Incorporation of historic blade signs, retractable awnings, mezzanine One-block from state capitol Attraction of a flagship brewery

22 22 Elliott Building- East End Lofts Former automobile showroom Downtown’s mixed-use project w/ residential, retail and office on one of City’s busiest intersections Historic value with contemporary excitement Ground floor retail - PF Chang, Mikuni’s, Design within Reach Catalyst for similar privately financed mixed-use projects in following 2-year period

23 23 REA Building- Mixed-use Office Adjacent to train depot & future intermodal site Severely deteriorated building structure rescued from demolition by local developer Public/private funds combined with historic tax credits New transit serving retail and commercial office

24 Workshop held in October 2004 250 Community members in attendance Follow up session in December 2004 Council Action Plan in January 2005 JKL Corridor Vision Summary

25 Downtown Guides

26 Reinforcing a Web of Connectivity


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