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The joints of the bones of limbs SHANDONG UNIVERSITY Liu Zhiyu

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1 The joints of the bones of limbs SHANDONG UNIVERSITY Liu Zhiyu

2 一、The joint of upper limb

3 (一)The joints of shoulder girdle
1、Sternoclavicular Joint : Composition: Sternal end of clavicle Clavicular notch of sternum Characteristic: articular disc Articular disc

4 (一)The joints of shoulder girdle
Movements: forwards and backwards (20-30°) elevation and depression (60°) circumduction

5 2、Acromioclavicular Joint
Composition: 3、Coracoacromial Ligament coracoacromial lig. coracoid process Acromion Coracoacromial arch : Coracoacromial Ligament acromion coracoid process

6 (二)The joints of free upper limb
1、 Shoulder Joint head of humerus glenoid cavity of scapula Composition : Characteristic: Glenoid cavity Head of humorus 肱骨头

7 Accessory structures Glenoid labrum : Coracohumeral ligament

8 Movements: flexion and extention, adduction , abduction, medial and lateral rotation, circumduction

9 2、 Elbow Joint Composition: ① Humeroulnar joint : formed by trochlear of humerus and troclear noch ② Humeroradial joint : formed by capitulum of humerus and head of radius ③ Proximal radioulnar joint:formed by articular circumference of radius and radial notch of ulna

10 Ulnar collacteral ligament
Character: ①capsule: ②ligament : Radial collacteral ligament 、 Ulnar collacteral ligament 、 Annular ligament of radius Radial collacteral ligament Ulnar collacteral ligament Annular ligament of radius

11 Movements: flexion and extension, pronation supination

12 3、Joints between radius and ulna
(1)Interosseous membrane of forearm (2)Proximal radioulnar joint (3)Distal radioulnar joint movement Pronation supination

13 4、Joints of Hand (1)Radiocarpal Joint
Articular fossa——Carpal articular surface of radius and articular disc below the ulna Composion Articular head——Proximal row of carpal: scaphoid, lunate, and triquetral bones, but not pisiform Characteristic: Capsule is lax and strengthened by surrounding ligament Movements: flexion, extension, adduction ,abduction circumduction

14 4、Joints of Hand (2)Intercarpal joints (3)Carpometacarpal joints:
Carpometacarpal joint of thum Carpometacarpal joint of thumb Composition: trapezium and base of first metacarpal Movement: flexion, extension, adduction, abduction, and opposition

15 (4)Metacarpophalangeal joints
(5)Interphalangeal joints

16 二、Joints of Lower limb

17 (一) The joints of pelvic girdle
1、 Sacroiliac Joint : Composition auricular surface of ilium auricular surface of sacrum

18 greater sciatic foramen lesser sciatic foramen
(1)Sacrotuberous Ligament (2)Sacrospinous Ligament greater sciatic foramen lesser sciatic foramen greater sciatic foramen Sacrospinous Ligament lesser sciatic foramen Sacrotuberous Ligament

19 3、Pubic Symphysis 4、 Obturator Membrane symphysial surface
interpubic disc Composition: interpubic disc

20 5、 Pelvis Composition: paired hip bones sacrum coccyx portions: greater pelvis lesser pelvis terminal line

21 Terminal line :formed by
promontory of sacrum, arcuate line, pecten of pubis, pubic tubercle, upper border of pubic symphysis lesser pelvis Pelvic inlet Pelvic outlet tip of coccyx, sacrotuberous ligament, ischial tuberosity, ramus of ischium, inferior ramus of pubissymphysis

22 6. Main difference between male and femal pelvis
female Male Wide and short Narrow and long Overall Right angle (90~1000 ) Acute angle (70~750) Subpubic angle Round Oval or heart shaped Inlet Shallower, wide Deep ,narrow Pelvic cavity Larger Small Outlet

23 (二)joints of free lower limb
1、 Hip Joint (1) Composition: Acetabulum femoral head (2) Characteristic: ① acetabulum labrum Articular capsule attachments:

24 ③ ligaments: iliofemoral ligament Ligament of head of femur transverse acetebular ligament Pubofemoral lig. Ischiofemoral ligament

25 (3) movement: Flexion Extention Addution Abdution
Medial and lateral rotation Circumdution

26 2、Knee Joint (1) Composition: (2) Characteristic: ① ligaments :
patellar lig. Fibular collateral lig. TibiaL collateral lig Cruciate lig. Of knee anterior cruciate lig. posterior cruciate lig.

27 (2) Characteristic: 2、Knee Joint ② meniscus medial meniscus:C
Lateral meniscus:O ③synovial membrane: Suprapatellar bursa Alar folds

28 (3) movements: flexion、extention,

29 3、joints between tibia and fibula
Tibiofibular joint Crural interosseous membrane Anterior and posterior tibiofibular lig.

30 (1)talocrural jiont ( Ankle Joint )
4、Joints of Foot (1)talocrural jiont ( Ankle Joint ) fibula Composition Distal end of tibia and fibula Trochlea of talus Characteristic: tibia Talus Medial lig. Lateral lig. Movement : dorsiflexion Plantaflexion

31 (2) Intertarsal joint Transverse tarsal joint Calcaneocuboid joint talocalcaneonavicular joint Movements: inversion eversion

32 (3)Tarsometatarsal joint
(4)Intermetatarsal joint (5)Metatarsophalangeal joint (6) Interphalangeal joint

33 5、Arch of foot : Medial longitudinal arch Lateral longitudinal arch
transverse arch





38 supination pronation






44 Interphalangeal joint
Metatarsophalangeal joint Tarsometatarsal joint


46 Tibial collateral ligament Patellar ligament Fibular Collateral

47 Posterior cruciate ligament
Anterior cruciate ligment

48 Medial meniscus lateral meniscus

49 Myology Introduction smooth muscle cardiac muscle skeletal muscle 

50 Muscles of head Muscles of neck Muscles of trunk Muscles of upper limb Muscles of lower loimb

51 Shape and structure of skeletal muscles
Long muscle Short muscle Flate muscle Orbicular muscle aponeurosis Structure: Muscle Belly Tendon Tendinous intersections

52 二 、The origin , insertion and function

53 (一)Fascia Superficial fascia Deep fascia (二)Synovial Bursa

54 (三) Tendinous Sheath Fibrous layer Synovial layer mesotendon

55 Synovial cyst of wrist




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