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Suzanne D'Anna1 An Introduction to the Human Body.

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1 Suzanne D'Anna1 An Introduction to the Human Body

2 Suzanne D'Anna2 Anatomy n study of structure n relationships among structures n Derived from the Greek words: - Anatome - to dissect - Ana - apart - Tomy - cut

3 Suzanne D'Anna3 Subdivisions of Anatomy n Examples: - gross anatomy (macroscopic) study of large body parts (muscles, bones, and internal organs) - histology (microscopic) study of cells and tissues requiring the use of a microscope

4 Suzanne D'Anna4 Physiology n study of the functions of body parts and how they work together - physio - working - ology - study

5 Suzanne D'Anna5 Subdivisions of Physiology n Examples: - neurophysiology - brain and nervous tissue - cardiac - heart - respiratory - lungs and trachea - reproductive - reproductive organs - renal - kidneys, bladder, and ureters - endocrine - endocrine organs

6 Suzanne D'Anna6 Levels of Structural Organization n atoms n molecules n cells n tissues n organs n systems n organism

7 Suzanne D'Anna7 Atoms n tiny building blocks of matter Examples of the most common atoms: carbon (C)hydrogen (H) oxygen (O) nitrogen (N) calcium (Ca) potassium (K) sodium (Na)

8 Suzanne D'Anna8 atoms combine together to form molecules

9 Suzanne D'Anna9 Molecules n chemical combination of 2 or more atoms n Examples of molecules: - proteins - carbohydrates - fats - vitamins

10 Suzanne D'Anna10 Molecule ATP

11 Suzanne D'Anna11 Cells n basic structural and functional units of an organism n cell groups have different structures n perform different functions n specialized structures within a cell are called organelles

12 Suzanne D'Anna12 Cell

13 Suzanne D'Anna13 Tissues n Four basic types of tissues in the human body: - epithelial tissue - muscle tissue - connective tissue - nervous tissue

14 Suzanne D'Anna14 Epithelial Tissue - Skin

15 Suzanne D'Anna15 Muscle Tissue

16 Suzanne D'Anna16 Connective Tissue - Bone

17 Suzanne D'Anna17 Nervous Tissue - Brain

18 Suzanne D'Anna18 Tissues (cont.) n each cell within a tissue has a specific function n Examples: - parietal cells produce hydrochloric acid (HCl) in stomach - mucous cells produce mucus

19 Suzanne D'Anna19 Organs n structures composed of two or more tissue types n specific functions n recognizable shapes n Examples: - heart, lungs, brain, liver, stomach, intestines, etc.

20 Suzanne D'Anna20 Organ

21 Suzanne D'Anna21 Systems n several organs work together for a common purpose n Example: - digestive system includes many organs, each with its own function

22 Suzanne D'Anna22 Organ System digestive system

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