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Grime Scene Investigation G.S.I Wednesday 4 th June 2008.

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1 Grime Scene Investigation G.S.I Wednesday 4 th June 2008

2 INTRODUCTION The aim of this investigation was to raise awareness of the pollution that is growing in the Georges River. The Georges river is located near Sylvania, Botany Bay and Kogarah Bay. The river and its catchment is 960 square kilometres. There are many concerns about pollution as most of the pollution is caused by buildings around the water and storm water areas. One hundred and thirteen tonnes of rubbish is swept into the river and catchment each year.

3 Plankton studies The first thing we studied was plankton which was caught on a ferry ride. We caught and observed three types of plankton. The first one is shaped like a bulb and has a frill at the end of it. Its name is Acmaea. The second type of plankton we caught is Thalassiosira. The third one is a Foraminifera.

4 Fish Dissection There were two types of fish available to dissect. We dissected the black fish. The Black Fish is a herbivore and so we found green muck in its gut. We saw its heart, swim bladder, gills, tiny blunt teeth and we pulled out its eye.

5 Water Quality Test We tested four different types of water quality Dissolved oxygen (ppm) 2 Acidity (pH) 7 Phosphates (ppm) 4 Temperature (OC) 17°c Turbidity (NTU’s) 100

6 Biotic study When we arrived at the biotic station everyone selected a marine animal to study, sketch and take notes on. The choices were a crab, Flat fish and King prawn.

7 Environmental issues The residential issues relate to storm water because people leave rubbish lying around which ends up in storm water and the storm water flows into the river. The marina sometimes has boats docked which can leak oil. This can have a negative impact on the marine life living in these areas. Open areas and parks are sometimes a problem when some people litter. The litter ends up in the storm water and washes into the river.

8 Ferncourt P.S. Marrickville by Callan Eliot Hermione

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