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Ed Gein (The Mad Butcher of Plainsfeild.)

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1 Ed Gein (The Mad Butcher of Plainsfeild.)
Shawn Drake

2 Known Facts Born August 27, 1906 in Plainfield, Wisconsin.
Had a brother named Henry. Mother named Augusta. Father named George. Full name is Edward Theodore Gein. Died of Respiratory/ heart failure due to cancer in 1984. Devoted his life to his mother, who constantly reassured him of his eminent failures in life, which is believed to cause him to do what he did. Influenced 3 movies (Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.) Known Facts

3 Who was Ed Gein? He was religiously devoted to his mother.
When his mother died, he began robbing graves… keeping their body parts as trophies. Later turned to murder, killing two women in 1957. Obsessively loved his mother. Never left his house. Who was Ed Gein?

4 After the death of his mother, he became increasingly more and more deranged, eventually to the point where he would prowl cemeteries to find fresh female corpses to dig up. He would then cut off body parts and keep them as trophies, and place their bodies back in the grave. He then turned to murder, implicating him in two murders in 1957, but he is said to have killed more. Police investigations learned that he practiced Necrophilia, and experimented with human taxidermy. Found Guilty of murder by reason of insanity. What Happened?

5 Cont. Ed Gein was proclaimed to be the “Butcher of Plainfeild.”
George Gein, his father, was a violent alcoholic who was constantly unemployed. He, his mother, and brother hated George. But his mother could not leave him due to religious reasons. His mother was a Lutheran, believing that all women (including herself) were prostitutes and whores. The only acceptable form of sex was for biological reproduction/procreation. Cont.

6 His mother constantly Read select graphic verses from the Old Testament, dealing with death, murder, and divine retribution. Gein was bullied because of a growth he had over one eye. Teachers said that he was caught randomly laughing in outbursts, possibly at his own jokes. His brother disliked his moms approach to life, and verbally rebelled in front of Ed. Later, his brother and him were caught in a brush fire, Ed went to get police, saying he lost sight of his brother, but he led police right to his body, and his brother had suffered blunt force trauma to the head. Cont.

7 Two years after his brothers death, his mother died… leaving Ed to live on isolated farmland alone, and in major grief of his mother. Bernice Worden went missing on Nov. 16, When police raided his house, they found her body suspended, decapitated, and with a split ribcage, dressed out like a deer. All of the wounds were postmortem, and she was killed at point blank range, with a .22 Caliber Rifle. Cont.

8 Poor old Bernice Worden.

9 Contents found inside his house
These contents were listed by / Human Skulls mounted upon the cornerpost of his bed Human skin fashioned into a lampshade, and used to upholster chair seats. Human skullcaps, used as soup bowls. A Human Heart A head of a Mary Hogan, found in a paper bag. a Ceiling light pull made of human lips. A Mammary vest made from Female torsos A belt made from serveral human nipples, as well as many other crafted object. Socks made from human flesh Array of shrunken heads. Contents found inside his house

10 Gein use to baby sit some neighbors, the kids actually saw the shrunken heads, but he told them there were from his cousin who served in WW2. Gein was questioned about necrophilia, but he responded “They smelled too bad.” But was still convicted of necrophilia. Soon after his mother died, Gein decided he wanted a sex change. Instead of a sex change, he coped by creating his “Woman Suit”. Cont.

11 What caused him to be like this?
Ultimately what caused Ed Gein to break was the loss of his mother. His mother essentially brainwashed her son into believing all of her overly dramatic and zealous religious beliefs. She constantly told him he was never good enough. His whole life goal was to please her, and she died before he felt like he got the chance. What caused him to be like this?

12 Once a fascination, now a brutal reality
When Eds mother passed away, he soon decided he wanted a sex change, but in 1957, that was far more taboo than It is even today. To cope. He mad his famous “Female Suit.” He soon became very interested in experiments the Nazis in WWII He would dig up decaying female corpses in their mid 50s (the age of his mother) and dissect them, keeping some parts such as their heads, sex organs, livers, hearts, and intestines. He then would flay the skin from the body, and either drape it over a tailoring dummy, or wear it himself. He would dance and cavort around his house, its what made him the happiest. Once a fascination, now a brutal reality

13 Once a fascination, now a brutal reality
House of stated that “He would dance in his gruesome and vile costume around his homestead- a practice that gave him intense gratification.” He was very fascinated by he female genitalia, he would play with them, as well as cut them off of the body, and sometimes stuff into a pair of women's panties, and wear them around his house. This led him to want to peruse a more “fresh” body, leading to his murders he had committed. Estimated 15 bodies were found in his farmhouse, but Gein was quoted to say that he could not remember the number of murders he’d committed. Once a fascination, now a brutal reality

14 Ed Spent 10 years in a mental hospital before he was deemed competent to stand trial.
Found guilt but criminally insane. 1978 he was put in Mendota Mental Health Institute Died there in 1984. Said that he was a “Model Prisoner.” Always gentle, polite, and discreet. Later stages of life

15 Conviction and Prosecution
I find it interesting (or neat) that when Gein was charged with his crimes, he was a middle aged man. When he stood trial, he had already become an elderly person! Conviction and Prosecution

16 In 1960, Gein’s legacy was already forming with the new release of “Psycho.
Then again in 1974, when the first rendition of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” As well as in 1991 when the character “Buffalo Bill” was brought to life in “Silence of the Lambs.” After his life

17 Pictures of contents


19 Un Determined as to if he was born in La Crosse Wisconsin, or Plainfeild Wisconsin.
Two sources conflict from saying he was guilty, or not guilty, but he indeed was found not guilty due to insanity, and was placed in a mental institution for life. Some websites say he committed necrophilia and some said he did not. He was charged with necrophilia, but if it honestly happened or not, who knows… The Verdict of if he killed his brother or not is very arguable, many sites told me that he had killed him, and others say that he did not. Contradictions

20 http://www. crimelibrary. com/serial_killers/notorious/gein/bill_1
The pictures and information I have found have been gathered from these 10 websites. Sources

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