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Four Freedoms Speech Mr. Tran.  Turn in your packets!

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1 Four Freedoms Speech Mr. Tran

2  Turn in your packets!

3 Standard 11.7.4   4. Analyze Roosevelt’s foreign policy during World War II (e.g., Four Freedoms speech).

4 Objective  Students will dissect the foreign policy beliefs of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by reading the “Four Freedom Speech” and creating a foldable outlining his ideals

5 Anticipatory Set  Think/Pair/Share: What freedoms do we have here in the United States?

6 Review   1941 Japan increases its attacks in Asia, taking French colonies. - - U.S. cuts off oil supplies to Japan - - U.S. knows Japan will attack, but not when and where; U.S. continues preparing for war with Japan and in Europe.

7 Pearl Harbor   Sank 8 ships   Damaged 10 ships   Destroyed 188 planes   Killed 2,300 Americans

8 Four Freedoms Speech  January 6, 1941 – before Pearl Harbor  President Roosevelt stated four freedoms that everyone in the world should enjoy.  Freedom of Speech  Freedom of Religion  Freedom from Want  Freedom from Fear  Would lead to future goals of the United Nations.

9 Freedom of Speech   People have the right to speak their minds without censorship

10 Freedom of Worship   People have the right to choose and practice any religion.

11 Freedom from Want  Economic desire should be granted for everyone.  Economic alliances

12 Freedom from Fear  Nations should be disarmed so that invasion/attack is truly difficult.  Wars victimize civilians.

13 Creating a Foldable   The Four Door Book

14 Student Engagement  You will now read and annotate the four freedoms speech.  You will create a four- door book analyzing Roosevelt’s different freedoms.  Underneath each flap please draw a picture illustrating a physical representation of the freedom.

15 Underneath the Flaps  Write what the freedom is in your own words.  Write an example of the freedom.  Draw a picture illustrating the freedom.  After you are done, write three paragraphs addressing the following questions:  1) Introduce the context of the speech (World War II, what was happening)? What is FDR saying in his four freedoms speech?  2) What are the four freedoms and what is an example of each of them?  3) Which freedom do you think is the most important and why?

16 Sentence Starters  During World War II, the United States _________________________________.  In his Four Freedoms, Speech FDR _________________________________.  One of the Four Freedoms was ______________. An example of this is ______________.  I believe the most important freedom FDR talked about was __________________ because ________________________________.

17 Closing  Which freedom is the most important?

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