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Word Dissection Introduction.

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1 Word Dissection Introduction

2 Background English is a hybrid language
Over 75% of our words derived from Latin and Greek By learning to recognize word parts, we can decode thousands of unfamiliar words

3 Examples Gastroenterology = gastro enter(o) ology
Necessary = ne cess ary Microcosm = micro cosm Maximum = maxim um Imperceptible = im per cept ible Translucent = trans luc ent Heterogeneous = hetero gene ous

4 Flash Cards Example Words: Therm/thermo = heat
Re ________ = back (again) Write the word part on one side of the card and the meaning on the other.

5 Flash Cards therm/ thermo heat Re _____ Back (again)

6 How to Study Read the word part to yourself and say its meaning out loud. Picture the meaning in your head. After you have memorized the word parts in the lesson, try to dissect and decode sample words.

7 Word Dissection Lesson 1

8 Lesson One 1. ______ity/ty = being (condition of being)
2. _____ology = study of (science of) 3. bio = life 4. ge/geo = earth 5. anthrop/anthropo = man (human) 6. psych/psycho = mind (soul) 7. soci/socio = companion (social)

9 10. _____ism = being/belief in 11. pre_____ = before
8. zo/zoo = animal 9. mono = one 10. _____ism = being/belief in 11. pre_____ = before Note: pre before en e requires a hyphen as in pre-election A hyphen is used before a capital letter as in pre-Thanksgiving.

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