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Myths, Mysteries and Magic Professor Alan Clarke University of Pannonia, Hungary.

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1 Myths, Mysteries and Magic Professor Alan Clarke University of Pannonia, Hungary

2 BE AMBITIOUS, CRITICAL & SMART Professor Moscarolo

3 TTRA and the boundaries of knowledge  Thank you for the invitation to participate in this process  Observation of management fashions – changing discursive constructions of management, our worlds, our experiences and our knowledges  From platitudes to myths, mysteries and magic

4 Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin …

5 Seen it all mate … The voice of experience The voices of experiences

6 Seeing creativity for what it is

7 Changing cultures  Manufacturing  Product development  Services  Service Quality  Standardisation/customisation  Commodification

8 Co-Creation  Beyond supply and demand  Beyond suppliers and customers  Resources in (co-)production and (co-)consumption

9 Myths  Panacea for success  Innovation is all you need  Creativity adds value to products and services

10 Urchin Airlines The flight comparison site Skyscanner announced the maiden flight of Urchin Airways, such a terrifyingly plausible idea it should probably be kept from Michael O'Leary: the first child-passenger only plane took off from Heathrow, it reports. "Cabin crew on Urchin Airways will all be dressed as clowns and will oversee the library of video games and supervise a ball pit area.

11 An April 1st Creation.. Activities such as egg-and-spoon races will be held along the aisle and targets woven into seating upholstery will offer youngsters the chance to hone their seat kicking skills. Whereas on regular flights children are scolded for making noise, screaming will be encouraged in 'who can scream loudest?' challenges."

12 Original Innovation – who would have thought of that?

13 Creativity and fast seconds

14 Better than the original?

15 Fairy Tale or Myth?

16 Valuing difference  Creativity in context  Not necessarily better … but different

17 Once upon a time: Innovation

18 Slow Seconds

19 Thinking Outside the Box  Mantra of the movement or myth of the moment? Thinking?

20 Here is Edward Bear coming downstairs now Bump Bump – on the back of his head Behind Christopher Robin – it is as far as he knows the only way of coming downstairs. But sometimes he feels that there is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it.

21 Open the box?  Or have we spent so long looking outside the boxes we need to look into them again?  Spot the difference …


23 Creativity and comedy Comedy is like a frog, when you dissect it, it does not work!”


25 Two options  Scotland  Directing  Leading  Training  Ireland  Facilitating  Stimulating  Opening


27 Attraction Economy

28 Emotion  “Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action.” Donald Calne he_Edge/

29  Action comes from the “I” words –  Imagination,  Insight,  Intuition,  Inspiration and  Ignition.


31 Lovemarks  Brands are built on Respect. Lovemarks are built on Love and Respect.  Brands create loyalty for a reason. Lovemarks create Loyalty Beyond Reason.  Great brands are Irreplaceable. Lovemarks are Irresistible.  The three secrets of Lovemarks are:

32 Mysteries  What works where and why  Creative adaptations are more than copies  Aren’t they?

33 Limits on Innovation

34 Mystery, Sensuality and Intimacy.  Mystery mixes dreams, icons, symbols and stories to create the attractions of the unknown.  Sensuality is the portal to our emotions. The five senses need to be fully amplified, packaged and distributed.  Intimacy. It’s about empathy, commitment, passion and most important of all, connectivity.

35 Stories in tourism Authenticity not necessarily reality  Does the future lay with what is truer than truth - Stories.  Rolf Jensen: “The highest-paid person in the first half of this century will be the story- teller.” (oh, I hope so …)  What connects fastest? The story or the strategy of a development?  The story connects and builds. It shares the dream.

36 Our Lake – the Balaton

37 Yes –our lake but not our boat!  And we all wore approved life jackets!

38 Åre: An Ice Lake

39 The question to us …  What can we do in the Summer?  Knowledge management, knowledge transfer with implicit as well as explicit knowledges  What we know  What we take for granted  What can have value for others  Is it magic when we know something they don’t know?

40 Magic Izzy Wizzy Let’s Get Busy!

41 A more modern invocation

42 Personal Practice – magic!


44 Crash Testing Innovation And magically it works

45 Follow your Destiny  “ ‘I will give you some free advice, though.’  ‘Will it cost me anything?’  ‘What I just said it was free!’ said Miss Tick.  ‘Yes, but my father said that free advice often turns out to be expensive,’ said Tiffany.

46 ‘You could say this advice is priceless,’  ‘Good. Now... if you trust in yourself...’  ‘Yes?’  ‘... and believe in your dreams...’  ‘Yes?’  ‘... and follow your star...’ Miss Tick went on.  ‘Yes?’

47  ‘... you’ll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren’t so lazy. Goodbye.’  Pratchett, T. (1987) The Wee Free Men London Corgi Books pp. 50 - 51

48 The Creative Experience  Move beyond product  Move beyond service  Engage all five senses  Engage our emotions

49 Two models of management  Unleash  Inspire  Command  Control

50 Boundaries of …  “ ‘Before I heard him talk, I was like everyone else. You know what I mean? I was confused and uncertain about all the little details of life. But now,’ he brightened up, ‘while I’m still confused and uncertain it’s on a much higher plane, d’you see, and at least I know I am bewildered about the really fundamental and important facts of the universe.’

51  Treatle nodded. ‘I hadn’t looked at it like that,’ he said, ‘but you’re absolutely right. He’s really pushed back the boundaries of ignorance.”  Pratchett, T. (1987) Equal Rites London Corgi Books p. 216

52  Thank you for the invitation and Thank you for listening  Here is to better questions and deeper understandings of our processes and practices  I hope you enjoyed the experience! Professor Alan Clarke

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