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A Discussion of how Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, believed to enhance physiological homeostasis, is of value to a space faring population. By.

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1 A Discussion of how Holistic therapies such as acupuncture, believed to enhance physiological homeostasis, is of value to a space faring population. By Amanda Shayle MAcS MPCHM Cert Nat Sci

2 Our Cellular Network Some key concepts 1. Input 2. Intercellular communication 3. Information processing and interpretation – Cells behaving badly

3 Implications, Theories and Evidence Achieving homeostasis PH Importance of diet Minerals – example of affects of adrenaline and other neurotransmitters Preserving life Strategies using TCM concepts and reasons behind these…….

4 I. Nerve Conduction 4

5 Brain Activation Cascade Pons/Medulla Mid-brain Frontal lobe (somato-sensory cortex) 5

6 Bruce Lipton – The Biology of Belief 6

7 Caveman and Sabretooth Tiger A state of protection or growth?


9 SIGNALLING CASCADE Ligand arrives 2 nd Messenger Activation Gene Transcription

10 Under attack!

11 The relationship of Homeostasis to ageing and healing 11

12 Epigenetics in Context Cell ageing Cell plasticity – including brain tissue – and its effects on gene expression Bone Density Fertility Evolutionary potential pelvis size stress


14 FOOD IS MEDICINE Traditional Chinese Medicine diet Food has specific qualities affecting health Postively Negatively Herbal medicine as vegetable soup Mediating Factors

15 Our Body under threat Routes of Exposure Ingestion Inhalation Skin Absorption

16 Our Body under threat Duration of exposure Mechanisms of Toxicity Chemical Interactions – Functional – Chemical – Dispositional – Receptor-mediated

17 Good information v Bad information Trojan horse concept Endocrine disrupting exogenous factors The chemical mix – Phthalates – pesticides

18 Dose Response Environmental Concentration Exposure:I nhalationSkin Absorption, ingestion Exposure Dose Absorption, excretion, Distribution Internal Dose Target organ or tissue

19 Factors affecting mid to long term exposure in Space Cosmic Radiation Gravity Nutritional deficiency Effects of chronic medication Endocrine disrupting factors

20 Gil Hedley Anatomist & Somanaut Somanaut: Like the astronaut who navigates outer space, the somanaut is dedicated to exploring the inner space of human form. Gil Hedley

21 Connective Tissue and Fascia Traditional anatomy has tended to dissect out the fascia We see muscles, organs, nerves, vessels but not the tissue that binds it together Adipose tissue, fluffy and loosely connected – an endocrine organ Protective layer connected to skin Tensegrity – structure of cells held under tension and its affect on function and shape 21

22 Still Hung up on Muscles?

23 Fascia Concept of an Onion Tree Models are functional simplification Our relationship with skin Levels of fascia Acupuncture and its effect on fascia

24 Qualities of fascia and its relevance to Cosmetic Acupuncture Skin is: Sensual/perceptive Colourful Always changing Self healing Flexible In service to the whole A construct

25 25

26 26

27 27 Maintaining movement within the body – an issue in space

28 FASCIA AS A CONDUCTIVE MEDIUM Acupuncture as an electrical inducer and modulator of the signalling cascade also Touch Heat Pressure Sound/Vibration/Wave Light Ligands

29 III. The Meridian Theory Ordered water as a liquid continuum allowing for coherent signal transmission in the body. Brain consciousness via nervous system and body consciousness via a liquid crystalline structure of water molecules on collagen fibre. First postulated by physicist Dr May Wan Ho (Open University) et al in 1998.

30 Water Molecules H 2 O

31 Water in the Organism Body = mostly water and collagen Water + collagen = an ideal medium for intercommunication between the approx. 70-100 trillion cells in the adult body. Water arranges itself in an ‘ordered fashion along- side collagen fibre. Meridians = pathways of highly ordered water promoting proton-jump conduction.

32 Proton-Jump Conduction Protons jump along the liquid crystalline continuum Much faster than nerve conduction Much faster than electrical conduction Amplifies tiniest electrical signal to illicit major physiological responses Enables immediate signal transduction to distal parts of the body

33 Quantum Coherence Water molecules vibrate coherently. In their coherence they amplify signals rather than swamping them out. Chi = positive electric current carried by proton-jump conduction along hydrogen bonds of highly ordered water.

34 Conclusion ‘Meridian Transduction’ the science of quantum coherent signal transduction in organisms characterized by the presence of liquid crystalline meridian pathways. Kirsten Dhar

35 TCM – an opportunity Acupuncture v Western medicine Acupuncture Microsystems Acupuncture Herbal Medicine Tai Chi an Qi Gong Chronic v Acute Prophylactic v response Core knowledge Safety Cost effective

36 Needles? But not as we know it… A wide range of options exist for space explorers Options include laser and electro stimulation

37 An example protocol to create homeostasis Tonify yin points: Kid 3 Sp 6 Sp 9 Sp 10 Also Kid 27 and Lu 1 if required Reduce/Sedate Yang points BL 60 GB 39 GB 34 Balance/Sedate/Tonify St 36 for constitution Also St 44 (and St 40 for damp heat If required use Du 20 to clear off excess Use LI 4 energy to face, pain relief

38 The Microsystem


40 Evidence Base Established clinically for use in nausea Used widely in prisons NICE guidelines for back pain German study for osteoarthrosis of the knee VAS Research (Vascular Autonomic Signal - Nogier)

41 Research International studies but issues with pharmaceutical model – a complex intervention Bias and barriers from the medical community Simple steps……nausea study in zero gravity novel approach to treatment

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