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{ Using Twitter to Become an Online Influencer Jill

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1 { Using Twitter to Become an Online Influencer Jill Coleman/@JillFit

2  You follow others’ feeds – who to follow?  People follow YOU  Your Profile – Bio/pic/header – “Pre-frame” #humblebrag opportunity  Hashtags #  RTs  Favorites/* Twitter Basics

3  Social media channels: which ones?  Do what you like  Do what you’ll do consistently  Make sure they are all “manned”  Popularity contest?  Why to use Twitter:  Establish yourself as an expert in your industry  Networking with other pros & peers  Instant credibility/social proof  Get into the conversation***  Disseminate info? Sell? Should I be on Twitter?

4  Broadcast  Unrestrained – the more tweets, the better  MOST tweets should be educational and/or personal  Be 100% authentic, be YOU  Be interesting  Be interesting  You’re an influencer, you’re an info-prenuer, so offer great INFO – free content, preview of what it’s like to work with you How to Use Twitter: 1) Establish Your Expertise

5  Ways to Broadcast:  Tweetathons  UNIQUE insights “Most people think lean physiques are built on protein powders/shakes. Truth is leanest people eat mostly REAL food.”  Relevant quotes  Share unexpected articles that reflect your interests and values – lateral interests How to Use Twitter: 1) Establish Your Expertise

6  Tweetathons  Establishes you as knowledgeable, education, thinker  Use # to relate  Shouldn’t last more than 10-15 min max  Dissect blogs  How often? How to Use Twitter: 1) Establish Your Expertise

7 How to Use Twitter: 2) Build Relationships Networking  Smaller venue than FB/less noise/more opportunity  Use to reach out to influencers you want to develop a personal relationship with  Why would you want to develop a relationship?  E.g.

8 How to Use Twitter: 2) Build Relationships How to begin interaction?  RTs/thoughtful shares  Interact in an INTELLIGENT way, on a PEER level, not a groupie level (respect vs. gushing)  Get a follow then DM to say hello, thank you—should be PERSONAL  GIVE, GIVE, GIVE first  ASK later & expect/offer to pay to play

9 How to Use Twitter: 3) Interact with Customers Daily Say Thank You & Acknowledge  Twitter is a CONVERSATION  140 character response!  Improve your ability to write sound bites  No one is more or less deserving of your reply, BUT…  Keep boundaries in mind  Do recon work!  Ask your followers questions  Gather info about their STRUGGLES  Ask what they want to know more about  Drives product, program, blog content

10 How to Use Twitter: 4) Use as Inspirational Content Your Personalized RSS Feed  Follow your interests  Use to inspire you LATERALLY  #TeamFollowBack?  “Favorite” content for later  My reco: spend at collective 30 minutes on it a day gathering info, seeing what people are talking about and participating in conversations

11 How to Use Twitter: 5) Miscellaneous Intelligent Tweeting  Use correct punctuation, grammar  Full sentences as much as possible  Add intelligent insight w/o being a know-it-all  Don’t take tweets personally  Don’t be an asshole  Don’t be an asshole  Simply unfollow if you don’t like/appreciate someone—not your place to convince someone of what you think is true

12 How to Use Twitter: Don’ts Don’ts of Twitter:  Don’t send the same tweet to several people  Don’t “bulk tweet” at people  Don’t use automatic DMs  Don’t “cold call” with network marketing propositions  Don’t ask before giving  Don’t use too many hashtags (1-2 max)  Don’t stress about unfollows “Byyyyyeeee.”

13 How to Use Twitter: Don’ts Don’ts of Twitter, cont.:  Don’t send boring tweets. E.g.  Boring: “Off to the gym!”  Better: “Hitting heavy legs in the gym today. Working larger muscle groups increases the growth hormone & testosterone response of the workout.”  Stay away from politics/religion unless it’s your business  Tweet according to your core values  Avoid airing dirty laundry  Avoid tweeting through crises in real time

14 How to Use Twitter: Do’s Do’s of Twitter:  Do be 100% authentic – “Same person IRL.”  Do be fun, funny, keep things light  Do be useful/add VALUE  Do respond to at least 90% of mentions  BE CONSISTENT – Took me 18 months to organically grow from 2k to 20k.

15 Questions? Tweet at me! @JillFit

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