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November 21, 2013 Presented by: Mike Moreno  Waverly MS Nate Stevenson  Ingham ISD Ingham ISD Leadership Academy PLCs 1.

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1 November 21, 2013 Presented by: Mike Moreno  Waverly MS Nate Stevenson  Ingham ISD Ingham ISD Leadership Academy PLCs 1

2 Agenda  Bell-work  Today’s Clear Learning Targets  Review CLTs  Unpacking Group Work  Making Time for Everything  Rocket Science  Review  Next time @ Leadership Academy

3 Today’s Clear Learning Targets Participants will…  know how Clear Learning Targets connect to formative, summative and statewide assessments  know specific strategies for remediating CLT’s as part of core instruction 3

4 Assumptions  We have invested a significant amount of time building classroom routines and procedures.  We have explicitly taught behavior expectations.  We have established a strong classroom community where students feel free to take intellectual risks.

5 Bell-Work  You have 11 minutes to complete the Bell- work  Use the page provided  Write a total of three (3) Clear Learning Targets based on 5 th grade Math CCSS  1 – Independently (3 minutes)  With your table (8 minute)

6 Clear Learning Targets  Observable and measureable statements of what students will know or demonstrate at the conclusion of a lesson  Capitalizes on three (3) of John Hattie’s “top 10”  Focus instruction towards specific actionable goals  Makes learning transparent for all stakeholders 6

7 Self-Report / Self-Reflection Evaluate your own work  Is the CLT specific? Can I teach this in 1-2 class periods?  Is it observable and measurable?  Does the CLT state what student’s will know or demonstrate at the conclusion of the lesson? 7

8 Core Concerns  Why would I spend time developing and refining Clear Learning Targets? Aren’t lesson plans enough?  You have developed Clear Learning Targets. You taught Clear Learning Targets. There are some students that don’t understand, were absent, or otherwise require re-teaching  We have interventions to handle deficits in basic skills, but we don’t have a mechanism for intervening in grade level content 8

9 Outcomes from September Leadership Academy PLC  Three Question Assessment  Delivered Hardcopy  Scored in Illuminate Ed  Instant Results and Item Analysis 9

10 Results  Most students demonstrated proficiency in knowledge of clear learning targets  A few students were not proficient (<20%) 10

11 Next Step Now it’s the next day. There is a small group of students that did not reach proficiency in the CLT’s of the previous lesson. Now, I need a mechanism for catching them up. 11

12 Unpacking Small Group Work  Who was involved?  What happened? (tasks and sequence)  How did we assess?  What was everyone else doing? 12

13 This is what was supposed to happen…  Pulled students that have not demonstrated proficiency  Absent  Require re-teaching  Explicitly stated CLT  Provided guided notes  Required all students to verbalize the CLT  Cloze Reading  Choral Response  Concept Shrinking (Paragraph Shrinking)  Assessment 13

14 Research-based Intervention / Evidence-Practice  Need a mechanism for intervening in recent grade level content  5-10 Minute of Skills Remediation per day  Institute for Educational Sciences (IES) Practice Guides  Adaptation research based instruction from whole class activities  What Works Clearinghouse What Works Clearinghouse 14

15 Rocket Science CLTs – Unit Plans – Unit Assessment – Content Area Test 15

16 Review  Review start of the day 16

17 CLT’s  Basic building blocks toward aligning units and assessments 17

18 This is the game we play  What are we measured by? What is that which our superintendents judge us and our school by? Either large or small? 18 State Assessments.

19 Traditional Lesson and Unit planning 1. Dissect State Assessment 1. Align Units and Unit Assessments 1. Write Lesson Plans to meet daily objectives. 19

20 New elements towards reaching academic goals 4. Align Content Area Tests to reflect State Assessments. 5. Post Clear Learning Targets and show students what they need to do in order to demonstrate proficiency. 6. Allow students multiple opportunities to show proficiency and retest if necessary. 7. Adjust instruction to reflect student progress toward proficiency on Content Area Test. 20

21 Wrap Up  Clear Learning Targets provide clarity and precision that pays dividends in assessment and data analysis  Remediation of recent grade level content is necessary and possible with clear learning targets 21

22 Next time at the Leadership Academy  Next session – January 22 nd  Assessing and Accounting for CLTs  Standards-based Grading  Assessment Design  Building Consensus 22

23 Questions? 23

24 Thank you! Mike Moreno Principal Waverly Middle School Nate Stevenson Data Coach Waverly Middle School & Ingham ISD 24

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