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Short Story Elements Mr. Geerlings – ENG2D.

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1 Short Story Elements Mr. Geerlings – ENG2D

2 Short Story: The Success Equation
Literary Devices Elements Short Story

3 Short Story By name alone, they are a ‘brief tale’
Although short, it does not mean that such stories do not hold impact Video: Seconds

4 Short Story: Defined A short story is a closely-knit, concise narrative meant to be read in a single sitting Much like a one-act play, these tales centre on a short snapshot of the character’s life Every short story follows a similar narrative trajectory

5 Short Story: Defined Every short story is comprised of a similar structure that contains 6 essential elements Often written in narrative prose, but can be communicated in other ways (poem, video) Depicts few characters and concentrates on creating a single mood One of the oldest forms of narrative

6 The Open Doors: Short Story

7 Short Story: Elements Characters Setting Conflict Point of View
Plot (outline) Theme

8 Short Story Elements: Character
Without characters there is no story! Often the chief aim of an author is to reveal something about human nature, thus their characters are essential in this process The process by which the writer reveals the personality of the character is called characterization

9 Short Story Elements: Character
There are two essential characters: Protagonist – Main character Antagonist – The adversary of the main character

10 Short Story Elements: Character
Direct Characterization Author tells the reader what the personality of the reader is Does not apply to adaptations like plays and film Example: “The patient boy and quiet girl were both well mannered and did not disobey their mother.” Indirect Characterization Author describes things that reveal the personality of the character This can be achieve through 5 different methods: 1) Summary of Features ) Mannerisms ) Dialogue ) Actions ) Setting

11 Short Story Elements: Setting
Setting is the backdrop of the story itself It is comprised of three main features Atmosphere Mood/ Place Time

12 Short Story Elements: Setting
3 Features of Setting: Time: Present day, ancient times, or the future Place: Neighborhood, city, country, universe Mood: The feelings and emotions that permeate the story – i.e., gloom, decay, hope, mystery

13 Short Story Elements: Setting
All about description… "The walls were made of dark stone, dimly lit by torches. Empty benches rose on either side of him, but ahead, in the highest benches of all, were many shadowy figures. They had been talking in low voices, but as the heavy door swung closed behind Harry an ominous silence fell."

14 Short Story Elements: Setting
All about description… The heavenly aroma of garlic, basil, and oregano mixed with the unmistakable yeasty scent of fresh bread and wafted on the cool air that blew in her face when she opened the door. Anne’s salivary glands kicked into overdrive and her stomach growled. She really needed to stop skipping lunch.”

15 Short Story Elements: Conflict
No story can exist without conflict, otherwise it would be incredibly boring to read Conflict can be classified as either internal or external

16 Short Story Elements: Conflict
External Man vs Man Man vs Nature Internal Man vs Self

17 Short Story Elements: Conflict

18 Short Story Elements: Conflict

19 Short Story Elements: Conflict

20 Short Story Elements: Point of View
The perspective through which the story is being told Always ask, whose feelings and thoughts are being conveyed? For now, know that there are two main POVs: 1st Person 3rd Person

21 Short Story Elements: Plot
All elements of a short story are important, but plot is the most important if we are to have a story at all! Plot is the foundation upon which all the other elements of the story rest Plot framework for short stories follows a similar outline

22 Short Story Elements: Plot
This similar pattern can be represented by the plot outline: Climax Falling Action Rising Action Denouement Exposition Inciting Incident

23 Short Story Elements: Theme
Easily the hardest component to dissect in a short story, but by far the most important Theme: Life lesson, meaning, moral, or message about life or human nature that is communicated by a literary work In other words… Theme is what the story teaches readers What the writer wishes to convey about the subject

24 Short Story Elements: Theme
Little Red Riding Hood Don’t talk to strangers Spiderman (The Movie) With great power comes great responsibility Three Little Pigs Hard work will pay off in the end Star Wars Nature is superior to technology

25 Short Story Elements: Theme
How to identify the theme: Create a quick plot outline Identify the subject of the story (i.e., gangs) Identify the insight or truth that was learned about the subject How did the protagonist change? What did they learn? Generalize this into one sentence, describing the message the author has regarding the subject THAT sentence is your theme 

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