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Welcome The International Baccalaureate Diploma Information Evening.

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1 Welcome The International Baccalaureate Diploma Information Evening

2 Three Global Hubs Bethesda USA, The Hague and Singapore

3 45 Years on 7 schools 3,580 schools 681 DP exam candidates 131,548 DP exam candidates Estimate of 749 students Estimate of 1,100,000 students 19712014 Private Schools 43% State Schools 57%

4 Number of IB students 200720102013 Africa, Europe and the Middle East 16,53322,43526,173 4,999 in UK Asia Pacific6,2409,78311,817 Americas57,16172,78083,205 Total79,93496,776121,195 March 2013 3550 IB World Schools168 in the UK 144 countries 8,030 examiners More than 1 million scripts e-marked

5 Department of Education, UK Maths Initiative 8 October, 2013 ‘The evidence is clear, maths is vital to getting on in life. Careers increasingly demand strong numeracy and reasoning. We need far more of our young people going to university and into work with these skills.’ Under-Secretary of State for Education Elizabeth Truss

6 At Sevenoaks 1978 Sevenoaks introduces IB 1999 decision to move to full IB 2006 Full IB Sixth Form 11 examiners 2 assessment team leaders 4 workshop leaders 5 IB authors

7 The IB in the 1960s… Why? Practical Widely recognized university entrance qualification Visionary Promote international perspectives, understanding, communication and intercultural competence Pedagogical Critical thinking and problem-solving skills ‘learning how to learn.’

8 Education trends (by the 1960s) Traditional Memorisation Same content for all Hermetic subjects IQ tests Didactic Teacher-centred Academic intelligence Norm-referenced Machine-scored tests Translation (languages) Closed classrooms National perspective Progressive Critical analysis Student choice Transdisciplinarity Range of skills testing Constructivism Child-centred Education of the whole child Criterion-referenced AV and AL (languages) Open plan rooms Multiple perspectives

9 Alec Peterson Director of Education Oxford University 1958-1973 Reform of Sixth Form education Broader education with some degree of specialisation Ethics in science Humanities specialists to know about the beauty of mathematics Critical analysis and learning to learn rather than encyclopaedic knowledge and memorisation Oxford Department of Educational Studies report Arts and Science Sides in the Sixth Form, 1960

10 Robert Leach International School of Geneva Critical enquiry in history teaching: do not expect reassurance for holding conventional or closed opinions challenge accepted views dissect and weigh the issues ‘in whatever universal scales the teacher may find immediately useful’ be prepared to retreat from entrenched positions appreciate and analyze multiple perspectives. Robert Leach, International schools and their role in the field of international education, (Pergamon, 1969)

11 UNESCO 1974 International education includes teaching about peace, democracy, and human rights. The following elements were identified: values education for peace conflict resolution skills at an international level respect for cultural heritage and the environment intercultural understanding (within and between nations) global issues and attitudes of solidarity at national and international levels. It asked teachers to tap the creative imagination of children, to develop their skills of critical analysis, and to teach foreign languages and civilisations ‘as a means of promoting international and intercultural understanding’

12 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme Independence Engagement Critical Reflection a Qualification

13 The IB Diploma offers a Vision

14 The IB Learner Profile a vision of what being educated in the 21 st century means

15 ‘A broad set of so-called employability skills. That is, being able to work in a team, to solve problems, to communicate effectively, to understand how businesses work and the ability to manage their time’ John Cridland, CBI

16 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme

17 The IB Structure Breadth 6 subjects across the traditional academic spectrum First Language Second Language Humanities Sciences Mathematics Arts

18 The IB Structure Breadth without sacrificing depth 3 Higher Level 3 Standard Level Possible to take 2 languages, 2 humanities or 2 sciences Deep specialisation through the Extended Essay and coursework

19 The IB Structure The IB Core: “Programme”, not potluck Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge Creativity, Action, Service

20 Subject Choices? First Language Second Language Humanities Sciences Mathematics Arts 168,480 different combinations of subjects

21 Subject Choices? Mathematics or HL Mathematics HL Physics HL Economics SL English SL Spanish SL Chemistry Engineering

22 Subject Choices? Modern Languages: HL English HL French HL German SL Math Studies SL Design SL Classical Civilisation

23 Subject Choices? Law: HL Economics HL Latin HL English SL Mathematics SL Chemistry SL Philosophy

24 Subject Choices? Art: HL Visual Arts HL English HL Classical Civilisation SL Math Studies SL Biology SL German

25 6 subjects with 7 points possible in each 42 Points (Core) + 3 points (0.25%) 45 Assessment

26 The IB Diploma Average UK Diploma Score No Grade Inflation

27 Assessment World Average 29.83 UK Average 33.42 168 Diploma Schools UK State Average 31.56 UK Independent Average 35.06 Sevenoaks Average 2014 39.1

28 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme Independence

29 Extended Essay in-depth independent research processes communication preparation Jusqu’à quel point et comment les événements et les personnages dans le film « La Haine » reflètent-ils la réalité dans la banlieue parisienne? (Modern Langages) To what extent are acts of individual rebellion necessary for social progress? (Philosophy) To what extent has the redevelopment of Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter had positive impacts? (Geography) What Curves are Generated by the Octopus Ride? (Mathematics) Does ultraviolet light have an effect on the photosynthetic activity of the scenedesmus alga? (Biology)

30 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme Independence Engagement

31 Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) Central to IB philosophy C reativity: artistic expression of all kinds A ction: sport, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions etc. S ervice: to the local or wider community


33 CAS Learning Outcomes increase your awareness of your own strengths and areas for growth undertake new challenges plan and initiate activities work collaboratively with others engage in issues of global importance consider the ethical implications of your actions

34 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme Independence Engagement Critical Reflection

35 Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Higher order or critical thinking skills Disposition to use these skills powerful combination of cognitive and affective aims Critically engage with the world of ideas, concepts and knowledge

36 Theory of Knowledge (TOK) “There is no reason why we cannot link facts and theories across disciplines and create a common groundwork of explanation.” “The whole point of knowledge is to produce both meaning and purpose in our personal lives.”

37 FAQs 1.Doesn’t breadth mean that there is less depth? 2.What if my son/daughter wants to specialise? 3.Will my son/daughter be suited to the IB? 4.What if my son/daughter is weak at ? 5.What if my son/daughter is not an all-rounder? 6.Will UK universities accept my son/daughter?

38 The IB Diploma offers a Vision a Programme Independence Engagement Critical Reflection a Qualification

39 The IB and University Entry

40 IB students are well prepared Survey of 150 UK university faculty and admissions staff IB Diploma Programme was rated higher than other qualifications based on the breadth of the curriculum development of critical thinking time-management and communication skills motivation of the students 97% were satisfied the Diploma Programme prepares students for university 96% favoured a broad curriculum of the type IB offers 57% felt the Diploma Programme offers an advantage to students.

41 Offer Rate Is it easier to get an offer with IB or A’levels…? The difference is more pronounced with the Russell Group (+6%)

42 UCAS data: Offer and Acceptance rate (2012)


44 Dr Geoff Parks Director of Admissions Cambridge ‘Because the IB differentiates better than A- level, if we are hesitating about making an offer at all, we would be more likely to make an offer to an IB student than an A-level student.’ The Telegraph 22/10/10

45 Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Entrants into Higher Education Institutions

46 Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) Class of degree by qualification

47 Our University Destinations

48 University Entry by Subject

49 Questions for the panel

50 Our panel Mark Thompson (OS 2002) University of Manchester BSc International Management with American Business Studies Currently employed as Head of Business Insight – City Football Group Previously employed at Oliver Wyman as Strategy Consultant John Sprague – Director of IB Ruth Greenhalgh – Director of Higher Education Robert Ede (OS 2010) University of Exeter BA Geography University of Oxford MSc Environmental Policy Currently employed at The Whitehouse Consultancy, a political consultancy and lobbying firm. Lucy Tiffen (OS 2013) Charlotte Ritchie (OS 2011) University of Oxford, Christ Church College PPE (Final Year) UCL Medicine (2 nd Year)

51 Questions for the panel

52 The rest of your life…

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