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Integrate with A R T Roxanne Holonitch St. Joseph Montessori School.

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1 Integrate with A R T Roxanne Holonitch St. Joseph Montessori School

2 Classroom teachers in buildings without art teachers Art teachers to re- energize their programs Anyone who enjoys art projects Workshop developed for: Projects using basic materials found at any art supply or craft store Simple, easy-to- follow steps for teachers and students Projects that integrate into classroom curriculum Goal:

3 Science Classes

4 Study the Work of Leonardo da Vinci Discuss inventions His secret code of writing and using mirrors to read Students can develop their own “inventions” with drawings and models Science Classes

5 Recycled Art Collect materials throughout the year, and create a project on Earth Day Make a theme, and be specific with needed materials Science Classes

6 Autumn Texture Rubbings Grab your tracing paper and crayons Discuss the seasons and the parts of a leaf Don’t bring them in! Go on a nature walk and collect your samples Science Classes

7 Color Wheels with Prism Materials like watercolor and tissue paper to blend colors Science Classes

8 Dissect Flowers with Georgia O’Keeffe Discuss parts of the flower Integrate the work of Georgia O’Keeffe Make smaller individual pieces or a large scale group piece that fills a bulletin board Science Classes

9 Planets with Paper Mache Materials like wallpaper paste, newspaper, balloons, and paint Each student researches a different planet Hang in science area of classroom in proportion to distance Science Classes

10 Health & Physical Education Classes

11 Acetate Drawings of Body Systems Learn the parts and systems of the human body in layers Health/PE Classes

12 Wreath Headband Get into the Olympics spirit with wreaths for all participants Materials include green construction paper and pipe cleaners. Health/PE Classes

13 Magazine Collages of Food Groups Use old magazines and newspapers to find images of food Study the food pyramid and the basic food groups Health/PE Classes

14 Olympic Ceremonies Materials like sequins and glitter add flash to your medals Health/PE Classes

15 Math Classes

16 Tessellations Discuss the work of M.C. Escher to create tessellations Math Classes

17 Symmetrical/Assymetrical Look in nature to see where symmetry exists Materials include basic drawing materials like pencils Math Classes

18 Graph Paper Drawings Study the work of Piet Mondrian Think abstract or realistic Math Classes

19 Tangrams Purchase a basic tangram kit or create your own Don’t just think small, create GIANT pieces Add magnets to back to work on the chalkboard Math Classes

20 World History and Cultures

21 Passports Create a small “passport” with research on countries and drawings Buy ink stamps and when complete, “stamp” their books as the exit the country World History/Culture Classes

22 Cave Paintings Caves of Lascaux Use large brown craft paper, and neutral paints Find sticks and stones for your painting tools Discuss basic needs for humans World History/Culture Classes

23 Archeology Dig Create pottery or buy terra cotta, decorate it, then break it. Hide in sandbox and rope off as “Dig Site” Use simple tools like shovels and brushes to discover your treasures World History/Culture Classes

24 Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Using the Ancient Egyptian alphabet, create names in the cartouche template Can be drawn, carved, or formed. Even stamps from potatoes make it fun World History/Culture Classes

25 Aboriginal Art from Australia Materials needed include q-tips and paint World History/Culture Classes

26 Chinese Scrolls Parchment paper and watercolors closely resemble original scrolls Craft sticks can be added for end handles Smaller individual pieces are great, but a large-scale group piece makes a statement. World History/Culture Classes

27 African Masks Make it an event. Learn tribal songs and dances, cook African foods… Basic materials can go along way. Adding rafata ribbon adds drama World History/Culture Classes

28 Religion Classes

29 Stained Glass Windows Materials needed include: tissue paper, black construction paper, scissors, and glue. Don’t limit your project to photos - take a tour of your parish our church Religion Classes

30 Wooden Saint Dolls Religion Classes Add a hands on material/activity to your Religion classroom Before painting the dolls, students can research their saint.

31 Models of Cathedrals/Churches Religion Classes Materials like shoe boxes and construction paper are the start to a wonderful 3D project.

32 Music Classes

33 Musical Drawings Music Classes Play different styles of music, and have students draw along with it Try a variety at one time to see the differences in the drawings Simple materials like markers, crayons, and colored pencils

34 Create tamborines Music Classes Materials like paper plates and beads, with tape or staples to hold them together Don’t forget to decorate your tamborines!

35 Create maracas Music Classes As simple as cups taped together Or as complex as paper mache Plan a concert for Cinco de Mayo

36 Make Panpipes Music Classes Simple materials like straws and tape

37 Shadow Puppet Play Music Classes A white sheet as a backdrop, and a spotlight or flashlight Cardboard and sticks for the figures Practice storytelling skills

38 Spanish Classes

39 Tilma for Our Lady of Guadalupe Spanish Classes Older students paint the figures and rays Younger students can create the flowers Present it at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mass

40 Day of the Dead Spanish Classes Sugar kits available online Materials like showboxes, construction paper, and tissue paper to make the alters

41 Study Murals and Diego Rivera Spanish Classes Great opportunity to decorate the school walls If you can’t have a permanent painting, grab a large roll of paper and work together on large-scale drawing or painting

42 Study Frida Kahlo and Self Portraits Spanish Classes Study self-portraits with Frida Grab materials like mirrors and paints to find your inner self

43 Library Classes

44 Become a Book Illustrator Library Classes Eric Carle, Bill Martin, etc. have great styles that are visually fun to use Paints, scissors, and glue are all you need for a fun display

45 Dewey Decimal System Signs Library Classes Instead of the standard store- bought signs, students can feel ownership with signs created by them.

46 Humuments Library Classes Take old/discarded books and illustrate around select words Materials like Sharpies work great!

47 Dr. Seuss Day! Library Classes Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with fun costumes and decorations

48 Board Games Library Classes Instead of the boxed games, your class can create their own board games Turn indoor recess frowns upside down

49 Now, go get messy! questions? Roxanne Holonitch

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