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1 @ProStart /ProStartProgram /ProStartProgram

2 2013 Invitational Student Practice Session Management Competition Caitie Eggl National ProStart Coordinator November 16, 2012

3 Why Participate Scholarship opportunities In 2012, $1.4 million was awarded to the top 5 teams in both the management and culinary competitions at the National ProStart Invitational® Networking for students and educators

4 Competition Elements The Management Competition is divided into four events: written proposal, verbal presentation, visual display and critical thinking The events are weighted as follows: Written Proposal – 55 points Verbal Presentation – 55 points Critical Thinking – 50 points Visual Display – 15 points

5 Team Members Current high school students enrolled in ProStart Maximum of 4 students –1 alternate allowed in case of injury/illness May only compete for two years (may compete on both culinary and management over those two years)

6 Assistance Mentors and educators only assist in competition prep May not prepare any of the materials themselves Limited to acting as sounding board and critiquing practice presentations Proposal should be unique work each year

7 Written Proposal

8 Preparation Fictitious city description includes: –Population –Major attractions –Prominent businesses Students will develop a written proposal including: –Restaurant concept –Menu –Marketing launch

9 Restaurant Concept Concept description - basic information such as: –Type of establishment –Type of cuisine served –Hours of operation, etc.

10 Restaurant Concept Interior diagram – identify flow/features FOH (host stand, bus stations, etc.) BOH (safety features, equipment to cook the items on the menu, etc.) Organizational chart – capture all the personnel essential to running the restaurant (from managers to janitorial staff)

11 Menu Descriptions of 9 menu items –Penalty if submit more For 3 items, must include recipes and costing –Can be done in conjunction with culinary team Prepare and submit photos of the same 3 items Submit a sample of menu presentation

12 Marketing Develop 2 marketing tactics to launch the restaurant Penalty for submitting more Include description, goal and budget Submit a sample of their tactics –Such as layout of ad, slogan for t-shirt, etc. Alcohol-related activities or promotions cannot be used

13 Scoring Judges looking for: –Concept creativity –How well thought through their concept –How well executed on the requirements Electronic draft of the written proposal must be submitted in advance –The draft will not be judged Written proposal evaluated by verbal presentation judges –The only exception is the recipe & costing judge Worth a total of 55 points

14 Verbal Presentation

15 Preparation Develop 10-minute presentation based on written proposal –Treat judges like a panel of potential investors Presentation should pull out relevant information investors would be interested in –Only use PowerPoint and may not embed any bells and whistles (such as video, sound, etc.) –May only use the “no transition” option for slide transitions –May use a custom design template

16 Delivery Have 10 minutes to present their concept, menu and marketing –1-point penalty per minute over the 10-minute limit, with disqualification after 4 minutes over –Visible clock to keep track of time Judges have 5 additional minutes to ask the team questions –Help determine that students did all the work

17 Delivery Each team member must have substantial speaking role –5-point penalty per student without substantial speaking role Will use projector and screen Teams check-in presentation on a flash drive –Work off this copy on the event computer The verbal presentation is open to the public

18 Scoring Judges looking for: –Public speaking skills –How well team works together –How well pulled out pertinent information Q & A will focus solely on presentation and proposal Worth a total of 55 points

19 Visual Display

20 Preparation Build visual display that tells the story of concept Include relevant information (and samples) from the concept, menu and marketing Restricted in size and material of display All supporting materials must be attached to board –Cannot exceed dimensions of the display board –Electronics such as tablets, netbooks, cell phones, smart phones, mp3 players and digital picture frames prohibited –Only exception is a display copy of the written proposal


22 Delivery Check in their visual display prior to competition Must use display during verbal presentation After verbal presentation, set up display in critical thinking area

23 Scoring Judges evaluating: –Whether visual display accurately and creatively conveys the concept 2 judges evaluate visual display Worth a total of 15 points

24 Critical Thinking

25 Scenarios Evaluated on critical thinking skills Judges present teams with mini-scenarios from four categories, such as safety & sanitation, customer relations, human resources & staffing, marketing, menu development & design, concept knowledge Categories determined each year by SRA and NRAEF –All teams evaluated on same four categories, but with unique scenarios

26 Delivery Scenarios presented after verbal presentation Work together to come up with solutions on the spot Answers must relate to restaurant concept Open to the public

27 Scoring Judges evaluating –Understanding of management concepts –Problem solving –Teamwork 4 judges total Worth a total of 50 points

28 Workplace Safety How address chemical and physical hazards? Follow the proper protocol to prevent or mitigate legal action? Safety a component of every decision they make? Example: We see that you have a line cook position - while the line cook is carrying your signature soup, he slips in a puddle of water by the dish area. What do you do?

29 Food Safety & Sanitation HACCP plan in place? Follow the proper protocol to prevent or mitigate legal action? Sanitation a component of every decision they make? Example: While pulling out the beef for your signature ribeye, your prep cook notices that the walk-in seems a bit warm. What do you do?

30 Customer Relations Is customer always foremost in teams’ minds? Is Rule of 10 taken into consideration? Does team follow up with guests? Example: We see that mashed potatoes are the star item on your menu, how will you handle customer relations if your supplier does not deliver potatoes?

31 Human Resources & Staffing Disciplinary action follow standard protocol and legal procedures? How are policies communicated to employees? Balance need to properly staff restaurant vs. cost efficiency? Look for creative solutions to staffing problems? Cross-training factor into solutions? Example: You have a party booked in your kid’s party room, and your lead party server calls off – what do you do?

32 Marketing Consider impact of all communications on sales, staffing and public perception? Crisis communications plan in place? Whole organization a part of marketing plan? Example: In the coupon you printed in the newspaper, you forgot to put an expiration date. Two months later, a table tries to redeem it – what do you do?

33 Menu Development & Design How do all parts of the menu work together? Menu design represent the concept and menu? How do the prices on the menu relate to each other? Example: You don’t sell as much of the filet as you anticipated on Friday night, what will you do with the extra filets?

34 Concept Knowledge How does a quickservice restaurant operate vs. fine dining? How does location of restaurant impact all other areas? Example: Due to your location you serve a high volume during lunch. However, dinner tickets are down. What can you do to increase dinner volume?

35 Tips Don’t dissect what led to current problems, address how to solve them –Instead of playing blame game, deal with situation as it is and put plans in place to prevent repeats Work as team to solve the challenges –If a teammate stumbles, jump in and help him/her out

36 Resources Map to curriculum Listing of online resources Samples Training presentations Training videos

37 Strategies for Success

38 Keys to Success Understand the rules Find a mentor Practice Use your resources Professionalism

39 Understand the Rules Losing by a technicality is heartbreaking Hold students accountable, but provide guidance When in doubt, ask Review score sheets

40 Understand the Rules Allowable information –No financials (except Marketing Budget) Required materials –Costing packets –Visual display –PowerPoint Menu items and marketing tactics –9 menu items –2 marketing tactics

41 Find a Mentor Industry mentors provide important viewpoint Should advise, not dictate Strategies to secure mentors

42 Practice!! Most important key to success Simulate competition experience Varied audiences Use score sheets

43 Critical Thinking Scenarios Ask mentors to provide challenges they face on a daily basis and doomsday challenges –Present solutions to mentors Industry people love to tell horror stories – use it to your advantage! Use your own observations – what have you witnessed happen in a restaurant? Industry publications –Nation’s Restaurant News, etc.

44 Verbal Presentation Develop public speaking skills Practice presenting solutions to anyone who will listen, including other educators, school administrators, etc.

45 Professionalism On-time arrival Uniform Remember that judges are always watching Confidence

46 Questions?

47 Get Involved! Call(800) 765-2122, ext. 5376

48 @ProStart /ProStartProgram /GoProStart /ProStartProgram

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