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2012-2013 Mrs. Isetta Physical Science Syllabus and FAQ.

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1 2012-2013 Mrs. Isetta Physical Science Syllabus and FAQ

2 Who is Mrs. Isetta Mrs. Isetta is your science teacher this year. She has been teaching science for 11 years and still LOVES it! She is generally nice, funny, and easy to get along with. She likes things neat and organized.

3 What are we learning this year? This year you will be learning about: – The scientific method – Chemistry – Physics – Astronomy

4 Do we get to dissect stuff? Nope…. Sorry. That is something you may have done in 7 th grade. But… We light things on fire in 8 th grade!

5 How am I graded? Just like other academic classes, your grades are based on assessments, classwork and homework. 70% of your grade is assessments 30% of your grade is classwork and homework

6 I’ve heard about a No Mark, what is it? There are certain Essential Skills and Concepts that every 8 th grade science student must master before finishing 8 th grade. These specific skills and concepts are called ESC’s. You will receive a NM as a class grade until these are mastered.

7 What the what? I get a NM if I don’t pass a standard? That is correct, if you fail any of the ESC’s, your entire semester grade becomes a NM. Don’t worry though, there will be plenty of time to re-learn and re-test on ESC’s. It is Mrs. Isetta’s job to make sure you are learning everything you are supposed to.

8 What should I do if I’m absent? The first thing you should do is check the class calendar online. A lot of the time the assignment you missed is already linked to the calendar and you can get it from home! If it is not linked, you need to speak with Mrs. Isetta when you return to school.

9 What else can I do on the website? You can check your grades. You should do this regularly so you know if you are missing anything. You can click on links to get missing assignments. You can click on links to study for tests.

10 What if I need to turn in something late? Late homework and classwork assignments automatically lose 50% You can turn it into the late basket on the front table. Late projects and larger assignments are penalized 10% for each day it is late.

11 Are there any class rules? Just one! Be Respectful – If you are respectful to everyone and everything, we don’t need any other rules!

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