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Bell Work: Please pick up the handouts from the front table. Read the passages silently to yourself and complete the analysis questions chart on your.

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2 Bell Work: Please pick up the handouts from the front table. Read the passages silently to yourself and complete the analysis questions chart on your own.

3 Bell Work: Doc. Analysis – The Great Awakening WOD  Synthesis Lecture: Colonial American Themes Clicker Review Colonial Regions Newsletter Essential Question: Were the American Colonies secular? How did this work to their favor and/or as a hindrance? Homework: Read and take notes on Ch. 3. Guided Reading worksheet due tomorrow.

4 Word CategorizationJan. 15, Block 2 Put the following group of words into two categories: join dissectcombine separatecompoundbreak down

5 Word CategorizationJan 15, Block 2 Put the following group of words into two categories: Answer slide join dissectcombine separatecompoundbreak down



8 ExampleJan. 15, Block 4 Speech Synthesis is the artificial production of human speech. A computer system used for this purpose is called a speech synthesizer, and can be implemented in software or hardware products. A text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into speech; other systems render symbolic linguistic representations like phonetic transcriptions into speech. Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous people using speech synthesis to communicate. Click on his photo to see Speech Synthesis in action.

9 Unit 1.5

10 Puritans and Separatists  sought to reform or separate from the Church of England. Goal: Form a “City on a Hill” for the rest of the world to aspire to. Antinomianism – “under the gospel dispensation of grace the moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alone is necessary to salvation“. Challenged the covenant of works belief that dominated Puritan society. Quakers – Society of Friends: Immigrated to Delaware and Pennsylvania. Came to be associated with the values of honesty, integrity, and tolerance. Maryland Act of Toleration – Founded by Lord Baltimore, a Catholic, Maryland was quickly overrun with protestants who threatened the power of the Catholic minority. So… Why was religion not as divisive an issue in the Southern states? Great Awakening: Religious Revivalism of the 1730s and 40s. Why? Themes?

11 Salutary Neglect Navigation Acts were not enforced. What do you do when a law is not enforced? Like speed limits. Most colonial traders basically followed the rules, but became more independent. Side effect – more shipbuilding and use of secondary ports. What happened when the Crown starting enforcing the laws after years of salutary neglect? Navigation Acts Starting in the mid-1600s, Britain passed these laws that said the British Colonies could only trade with Britain. All trade products must pass through Britain on their way to the colonies.

12 In the beginning, all of the colonies had slavery. What happened after Bacon’s Rebellion?Bacon’s Rebellion Why would it die out in the Northern colonies, but continue to exist in the Southern colonies? How are the Northern colonies not blameless when it comes to the growth of slavery?

13 Slave society in south tied in with white society Some developed their own cultures Gullah – hybrid language Religion – mix Christianity and African folklore Wide range of how treated Stono Rebellion 1739 showed not all good Negro Act of 1740 – Punishments for mistreatment of slaves, 10-yr moratorium on slave trade, limited education, assembly, and movement for slaves Some slaves able to purchase their own manumission

14 Fewer women in Chesapeake colonies. What would that mean for “power?” Patriarchal Society Midwives helping with multiple childbirths (every other year average) Lower life expectancy. Why? Notable women of period: Anne Hutchinson Phyllis Wheatley – African American poet

15 Zenger Trial (1734) – John Peter Zenger had criticized the gov’t in his paper. He was tried, but found innocent as it was factually true. The ideas of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are taking hold in the colonies. (as well as due process when accused of a crime)

16 More mobility (socially and economically) Wealthier More Literate Healthier Taller More independent/free (gov’t)

17 Please come grab a clicker from the front of the classroom.

18 A – spread of corn cultivation B – ravages of smallpox epidemics C – regular contacts with Africa D – invention of the spoked wheel E – domestication of horses

19 A – isolationism B – capitalism C – mercantilism D – monopolism E – imperialism

20 A – secure a refuge for the persecuted B – check the growth of English colonies in North America C – expand their commercial and mercantile network D – gain colonies to produce agricultural surpluses E – secure naval supplies

21 A – establish religious freedom as a fundamental right B - work out trade agreements to acquire needed products from other countries C – introduce the practice of slavery into the New World D – Establish a standing army E – make favorable territorial settlements with the French 2001-52%

22 A – Their economies depended entirely on hunting and gathering. B – Their political and linguistic differences hindered their united opposition to the Europeans. C – Their populations were immune to European diseases. D – Their warriors rarely engaged in intertribal warfare. E – Their cultures made no distinction between men’s work and women’s work 2001-39%

23 A – The baptism of children of baptized but unconverted Puritans. B – The granting of suffrage to non church members. C – The expansion of women’s power within the Congregational church. D – The granting of full membership in the Congregational church to all New Englanders. E – The posting of banns by engaged couples.

24 A. become an example of faith for the world to see B. create a democracy that would model ancient Greece C. abide by the rules of the Church of England D. earn riches to send back to the Mother Country E. forge an alliance with natives in order to gain power for England

25 A – did not believe in the grace of God B – felt the individual was just as important as faith C – did not wish to separate from the Church of England D – questioned the practice of antinomianism E – refused the Half-Way Covenant

26 A – Both established specific requirements for voting and defined the powers of the governor. B – Both established democracy for men and women in their respective colonies. C – Both extended religious toleration to all who wished to settle in New England. D – Both were covenants that suggested men must work together to achieve their goals. E – Both were agreements for leaving the colonies if conditions became too harsh.

27 A – a product of poisoning of the colonists by native tribes B – indicative of social and economic tensions among colonists C – a phenomena isolated to Salem D – attacks by elite women on poorer citizens E – isolated by the hunting of female victims

28 Please log-on to your computer. You will need to use the internet to research each of the original British colonies in America. Complete the chart provided. After finishing the chart, go to the class wiki and access the “Handouts and Assignments” page. There you will find a link for your summarizing activity today (Colonial Regions Newsletter). Click the link, read the directions carefully, and begin your newsletter. Please print your Newsletter and turn it in to the homework bin before you leave.

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