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Regional Update 2 Financial Report 3 Governance Report 4.

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2 Regional Update 2

3 Financial Report 3

4 Governance Report 4

5 Dr. Joel Pachter Progressive MS Update 5

6 Leukocytes enter the CNS during neuroinflammation

7 The blood-brain barrier is damaged during EAE/MS

8 Urgent Need to Find Solutions for People with Progressive MS 8 Large worldwide impact: about half of all MS patients Finding solutions for progressive MS is one of the top priorities for patients Currently paucity of effective DMT for progressive forms of MS Every time another therapy is approved for RRMS, a large proportion of our constituents feel left behind

9 Society Research Priorities 9 1.To better understand the biological basis for disease progression 2.To dissect the mechanisms of nerve damage and repair 3.To identify risk and triggering factors for MS 4.To enable development of new or improved rehabilitation techniques 5.To grow the global MS research enterprise $46 million in current commitments to progressive MS research

10 Progressive MS Research Initiatives 10 1.Over 100 investigator initiated research projects 2.MS Outcomes Assessment Consortium 3.Clinical Trials- MS SMART, SPRINT MS 4.SUMMIT natural history and risk factors study 5.Revision of Lublin-Reingold Clinical Course Descriptor 6.International Progressive MS Alliance

11 Mission To expedite the development of effective disease modifying and symptom management therapies for progressive forms of multiple sclerosis



14 Better extravasating of hES-MSC

15 Where is MS research going?  Novel drugs that act on “special” targets (e.g., CCL2)  Stem cell therapy with multifunctional “reparative” rather “replacement” cells Riluzole – sodium channel blocker Amiloride – diuretic/neuroprotective Ibudilast – anti-inlfammatory/neuroprotective

16 What FDA approved medications can we expect for secondary progressive MS, and when? When will oral therapies be available for progressive MS? I see your major research interests are blood brain barrier & neuroinflammation. How do you feel about these as treatment options? What do you suggest we look for when searching for a doctor to treat this? 16 Q&A Medications & Treatments

17 How soon are we going to see expansion of the stem cell clinical trials? Are clinical trails for stem cells taking place in the US? Will stem cell therapy become available and if so how would this therapy help any type of MS? 17 Q&A Stem Cells

18 What are the prospects for remylination? What progress has been made in RESTORING function, especially in patients who've had MS 20 years? 18 Q&A Restoring Function

19 What is the difference between the different types of MS? My daughter was recently diagnosed. As an undergraduate student starting to study MS, where is the best place to start? Will there ever be a cure for MS? Is it common for Parkinsons Disease and MS to occur in the same person? Is research being done around this? 19 Q&A General

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