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Collection Development/ Technical Services Workflow Re-engineering.

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1 Collection Development/ Technical Services Workflow Re-engineering

2 The Context: O We do/did it all ! And lots of it! O Items processed…20% growth O Staffing to do the work…not so much

3 The Problem: O Not keeping up O Backlogs---Up to 27 days O Fast or very slow O Lots of “RUSH” O Layers of process…but why?

4 Goals: O To get all BCPL’s print and non-print materials out to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible O To re-engineer a functional, but not great working process to make it optimal!

5 THE Question: O What would it take to get 95% of new materials out to customers in 10 days or less, without adding additional staff?

6 How we did it: O Brainstorm O Deconstruct O Ask lots of questions: 5 Whys /Sacred Cows O Map Workflows O Measure and Analyze O Redesign and Rebuild O Test and Refine O Quality Control O Continuous Process Improvement

7 Brainstorming O 4 sessions w/internal stakeholders O Less taping, labeling, stamping, etc. O Conveyer belt O Carts only, no shelves O Rush everything; Rush nothing O Motorized carts O Volunteers

8 Deconstruction O Dissect every process O Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?

9 Workflow Mapping O Seeing is Believing ! O Mapped process and physical pathways for each material type O Crazy spaghetti !

10 Measurement and Analysis O Established key metrics O Repetitive tasks and nonproductive elements O Production per hour/per staff O Looked for efficiencies: Music CD Security Cases O Task timings

11 Time in Average time in DateMaterialJob# of itemsminutessecondsseconds per item Step 16/11/2007Rush-bookPre-Assigning8217.381,05813 Step 26/11/2007Rush-bookAssigning267.1443417 Rush-bookAssigning8223.451,42517 Step 36/11/2007Rush-bookCovering269.1655621 Rush-bookCovering8237.042,22427 Step 46/12/2007Rush-bookGlueing516.173777 Rush-bookGlueing222.171376 Step 56/12/2007Rush-bookSort into bins1157.264464 Total timeMinimum1.0161 Total timeMaximum1.0565 Assigning steps for processing hard back books with covers Step 1- Verify # of items, place spine label and BCPL stickers on book, then place back on cart Step 2- Stamp branch lable with date on item, place barcode label on book note item # on conversion sheet, then place back on cart Step 3- Measure book size, get plastic covers, place on books and place new sticker in item, then place item back on cart Step 4- Glue cover on item and place back on cart Step 5- Sort items on to shelves to be delivered to branches

12 Redesign O “Time-Certain” workflow model. -predetermined # of days (10-12) -single fast workflow -fewer workflow “exceptions” O Integrated print and non-print workflows. O Streamlining…lots of streamlining! O “Cart” model for material storage and movement. O Cataloging in advance O Centralized filling of holds

13 O Processing, packaging and labeling modifications O Rethought RUSH ( 3-5%, not 30-40% ) O Evened out collection spending (% per month) O Cross-trained everyone! O Flexible, proactive use of staff time to meet workload needs O Established, then leaned on, accountability and production standards.



16 Rebuild O Make the physical work spaces reflect and support the new workflow O Staff move to where the work is.




20 Results O Production rose from 12 carts per day to 20 or more O Fewer, and more predictable, workload peaks and valleys O Productivity UP; Errors DOWN O Loading dock to branch—10 days, often less!

21 More Results O Cart production up 50+% O Reduced per-cart staff time by 35% O Increased per-hour production by 50%

22 …And Today O Daily Rounds O Keep refining, rethinking, looking for efficiencies O No more security cases !! O Minimal labeling and handling O 20 carts per day is minimum daily output now O 2-5 days loading dock to branch shelves

23 Our journey of continuous improvement goes on ! Thank you James Cooke

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