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DO NOW Weds 10/3 What are the two different solutions used in today’s lab (Eggsperiment)? Give the exact name and measurement needed. Stamping: Flowchart.

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1 DO NOW Weds 10/3 What are the two different solutions used in today’s lab (Eggsperiment)? Give the exact name and measurement needed. Stamping: Flowchart for Eggsperiment

2 Biology Course Description

3 You asked… Will we be doing many labs this year? Will there be many projects this year? Did you major in biology? How much homework a night? What was your SAT score? Is there late work credit? If so how much? How many hands on activities this year? What do you expect from your students?2 How much individual learning is there going to be? What lessons are we learning in bio? Are we going to dissect organisms? Will we have homework over weekends and other breaks? How long will each unit be? Will it be fun? Will there be games? How did you come to love biology? How many years have you taught? Why does biology help us? What is most interesting thing about biology? How difficult are the projects? Are labs different from the ones in middle school? Mix chemicals? When will we use biology in life? What units will we learn? Is it easy to get lost during a lesson? Who has impacted your life? One thing you’d change about school? How will I be able to manage my workload in order to be successful? Will we learn about evolution? What life forms do we study? What high school did you attend? Favorite teaching methods? Favorite memory with students? Are we learning about humans or all life? What are the differences between blood types? Why did you choose biology or become a biology teacher? Will we have one main focus this year? Will we have reviews before test? Will we be doing calculations a lot in biology? Are you good at explaining things in different ways? What makes honors different from regular biology? What is your theory on how humans evolved into what we are today? How old are you? Do you have any pets? Will we be able to work on homework during class? Is this class difficult? Do you play volleyball? Position? Will there be a final? What makes Honors different from general biology? What kinds of careers require a knowledge of biology? Will we be learning about disease? Dissect an animal? Cell phone policy? Do you give extra credit? What was the best memory of your summer?

4 Why Biology? Understanding nature, natural history Careers include… Interesting Use in society: health, fitness, medicine, disease, environment, making decisions Appreciation for what we need on earth, what we give, and with who/what we share this living space – a finite place…? Your future: directly or indirectly

5 Mrs. Mason Jackson High School – 10 th year High School /College/Graduate School What keeps me busy other than school

6 Units of Study Diversity of Life Cell Structure and Function Molecules of Life Inheritance Genetics Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology Evolution Energy and Matter Ecology

7 Major Work 7 unit exams The Cell Campaign The Disease Project Part I Semester 1 final exam Evidence for Change Across Time (Evolution) Project The Disease Project Part II End of Course Exam for Biology* Semester 2 final exam Formal Lab Reports Symposiums for a few labs and The Disease Part II

8 How you learn best

9 Grade Breakdown Summative Work – 90% – Unit Tests, Formal Lab Reports, Major Projects, Semester Exams Formative Work – 10% – Notebook Checks, Class or Homework, Small Projects, Quizzes

10 Test Rescore Opportunities One per semester Can choose which one (so a huge inpouring in January) Can earn up to 100%

11 The Formative/Summative


13 My goals for the year: 1.To engage you in science – both here and outside of school, enough to keep you interested, learning, and making connections between science and “the real world”. I want you to know what is out there for you in terms of careers. 2.To teach/help you strengthen your communication skills – your evidence based explanations – to be concise, accurate, justified, and confident. 3.To teach you biology to prepare you for tests, future science classes, college, the work force, general problem solving. 4.To stretch your organization skills, your diligence and pride in your work, and to become a strong, active learner. 5.To be a positive influence on your journey to earning the life you want.

14 My website!

15 Just once I wish Jackson teachers would… Bring doughnuts for their students Be Appropriate Work one on one with students Buy kids food Bring treats in class Let students control their own learning Give homework depending on their afterschool schedule Be friendly and understandable Give no homework for one month Turn up!!!!!!! Sing foreign songs while dancing at a pep assembly Allow more retakes and homework help Would let us play games Compare homework schedules to lessen the load Give us a week off More involved with students Wouldn’t make students present No notes Teaching in a fun and engaging way Start wearing funny packs at school Be great full teaching Understand the students and the situation they are in Less or no homework No homework over breaks Help freshman’s interact with upperclassman Give me straight A’s Give full credit on retakes Consider more input on students Be more chill with things Play cool music when they do play in class Respect that some students have good reasons for not getting work done. Just chill Give fewer syllabi Put themselves in our shoes for a week Enforce an actual dress code Tell funny stories Make class fun and not grade so strictly Give us free days Give us catch up time Be kewl Form a dance team Go easy on the summative portion of our grade Act in a school production Not assign HW over internet Ditch class and let us do whatever Treat us like adults and not children Reduce the number of ice breakers! Hand out study guides to help us prepare for tests

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