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Factors in medicine A revision.

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1 Factors in medicine A revision

2 Religion positive Egypt
Positive contribution in Egyptian times. Bodies had to be mummified and main organs taken out led to understanding of anatomy. Medieval Monks had to be like Jesus so Franciscan monks healed the sick and hospitals as well as universities were set up. First hospitals and Padua university

3 Religion negative Catholic church do not permit any one to challenge Galen holds medicine back. Do not allow dissection for several years. Persecution of New ideas such as Vesalius , Harvey and Pare  Egyptians not allowed to dissect bodies Women are persecuted for treating people with illness. Belief that god makes you ill and will cure you. Opposition to small pox vaccine and use of chloroform. Reliance on Asclepius .

4 Chance Pare runs out of oil and finds new away to treat wounds and uses turpentine, egg white and rose oil Chamber lain forgets to treat the chickens with chicken flu and leaves the disease out to weaken. Fleming leaves a plate of bacteria out by an open window and the mould lands on it . Chain finds Flemings forgotten article in an old journal. Simpson and his friends decide to try out different concoctions to see which will knock them out. Jenna hears about the fact that dairy maids don’t get smallpox. Harvey hears about the boy with the hole in his chest. Pasteur is forced to try out rabies vaccine after boy is bitten.

5 Genius Vesalius decides to dissect bodies despite warnings from the church. Proves Galen wrong. Pare mixes his concoction and uses ligatures. Harvey makes connection about pump and carries out loads of experiments and records everything Jenna decides to investigate cowpox and risks James Phelps life. Pasteur discovers germs and is able to prove it . he also decides to look at why the chickens did not die. Koch develops the petri dish and agar jelly Flory and chain( and heatly) decide to try and make Penicillin and Fleming knowing to look at it in detail. Snow for finding the connection between water and Cholera. Snow for making chloroform. safe. Lister for making connection between germs and surgery with use of carbolic

6 Government Small pox vaccine in Britain compulsory in 1852
Roman public health paid for and managed by the government believing that healthy people make healthy soldiers. Public health and votes for all improve public health in Britain’s cites and welfare reforms free school dinners and pensions. Working class vote in 1875 and public health act Liberal reforms 1905 onwards USA funds the making and use of Penicillin. British government inspired by healthy Britons set up NHS and people are better fed and informed during the war . Government campaigns in the war on healthy eating and medicine . French Government funding Pasteur and German government funding Koch. NHS. From the cradle to the grave. Government find Nightingale hospitals

7 Technology Egyptians Paper invented led to medical observations being passed onto doctors. Egyptians inventing insturnments Renaissance Printing press meant the books a could be copied and easily spread around. E.g Vesalius and Harvey. Pare inventing ligature, though a little too ealry Water pump inspires Harvey to believes heart pumps blood. Microscope invented made it easier to see Germs for Louis pasteur . Kochs methods of looking at germs, petri dish and agar jelly X rays invented easier to see breaks and wounds. Telegram meant that news could passed around very quickly. E.g Pasture discovery ot a cure for Anthrnx John Snow invents way to administer chloroform so that people don’t over dose. Bllod groups

8 War: positive Pare runs out of oil and finds new away to treat wounds uses rose oil, turpentine and egg whites. Discovers liagatures Rivalry between Koch and Pasteur motives them to outdo each other in the war against disease. X rays play a huge part in first world war. Doctors have to learn on the job in the war and become very skilled at treating wounds and finding new ideas. surgeons learn their trade in the wars become the best surgeons until today. USA funds the making and use of Penicillin Surgeons learn how to do plastic surgery due to horrific accidents in the war. British government inspired by healthy Britons set up NHS and people are better fed and informed during the war. Nightingale improves nursing in Crimea

9 Negative Rivalry between Pasteur and Koch holds back medicine would have been better to work together Wars after the downfall of Rome stopped idea spreading. Communication fails

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