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1) A surgeon examining the body of Mary Anne Nichols said : “She had her throat cut, and it was the cutting of the arteries in the throat that killed her.

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1 1) A surgeon examining the body of Mary Anne Nichols said : “She had her throat cut, and it was the cutting of the arteries in the throat that killed her. However the killer had viciously cut through both her thighs and removed her abdomen and her insides up to her belly button, leaving them besides her body.” 2) A doctor examining the body of Annie Chapman at the scene of the crime said that her terrible injuries: “They could have been done by such an instrument as a medical man used to dissect bodies, but the ordinary doctors bags might not contain such an instrument.”

2 “He had a dark complexion, and was wearing a brown hat. I think he was wearing a dark over coat but I cannot be sure.“ “He was a man over forty, as far as I can tell. He seemed a little taller than the victim. He looked to me like a foreigner, as well as I could make out.” 3) Elizabeth Long: The only witness to either of the first two murders saw Annie Chapman with her killer. Moments later, Annie was dead. 4) A surgeon examining the body of Annie Chapman where her body had been stored said : “She had not only her throat cut but she appeared to have been strangled before this. Her intestines and many of her vital organs below her chest had been removed and her intestines placed on her shoulder. The man who did this must have had a knowledge of how the body works and where vital organs can be found.”

3 11:00 PM: Two men, were going into the Bricklayer's Arms Pub. As they went in Stride was leaving with a short man with a dark moustache. The man was wearing a hat, mourning suit and coat. Best says "They had been served in the pub and went out when me and my friends came in. He was hugging and kissing her, and as he seemed a respectably dressed man, we were rather astonished at the way he was going on at the woman." He spoke well. Stride and her man stood in the doorway for some time hugging and kissing. "He and the woman went off like a shot soon after eleven." 11:45 PM: William Marshall, sees Elizabeth Stride. He notices her talking to a man in a short black cutaway coat and sailor's hat. They are kissing and carrying on. 12:35 AM: Police Constable William Smith sees Stride with a young man. The man is described as 28 years old, dark coat and hard deerstalker hat. He is carrying a parcel approximately 6 inches high and 18 inches in length. the package is wrapped in newspaper. 12.40 AM A man called Schwartz thinks he saw the killer and describes the man as about 30 years old, 5' 5" tall with a fresh complexion, dark hair and small brown moustache. He is dressed in an overcoat and an old black felt hat with a wide brim. At the same time, James Brown says he sees Stride with a man as he was going home with his supper. She was leaning against the wall talking to a well built man about 5' 7" tall in a long black coat that reached to his heels. He has his arm against the wall. Stride is saying "No, not tonight, some other night." Police think that the Ripper was disturbed by a man with a horse and cart and ran off before he could cut body parts from the victim. It didn’t take him long to find a new victim though…… 5) The Third Victim – Elizabeth Stride

4 6) Joseph Lawende saw the Ripper with Catherine Eddowes. He saw: Catherine Eddowes and a man talking. She was standing facing the man with her hand on his chest, but not in a manner to suggest that she was protecting herself from him. Lawende describes the man as 30 years old, 5 foot 7 inches tall, fair complexion, he has moustache and is of medium build. He is wearing a light brown jacket which fits loosely and a gray cloth cap. He has a reddish handkerchief knotted around his neck. Lawende will later identify Catherine Eddowes clothes as the same as those worn by the woman he saw that night.

5 7) Catherine Eddowes – The doctor who examined the body “She had a cut about two foot long down her body and all her intestines and vital organs had been taken out and placed at the side of her body. Her right ear had been cut off. Her face had been mutilated with cuts from a knife. She had died from having her throat cut and the mutilations had happened after she died. One kidney had been removed and taken away.” “It required a great deal of medical knowledge to have removed the kidney and to know where it was placed.”

6 8) Witness - Mary Ann Cox, saw Kelly on the night of her murder She sees Kelly ahead of her, walking with a stout man. The man was aged around 35 or 36 and was about 5' 5" tall. He was shabbily dressed in a long overcoat and a hat. He had a blotchy face and small side whiskers and a carroty moustache. The man is carrying a pail of beer.

7 9) While standing under a street light on outside the Queens Head Pub a man called Hutchinson gets the best view of all witnesses at a man with Mary Jane Kelly. He has a dark complexion, a heavy dark moustache, turned up at the corners, dark eyes and bushy eyebrows. He is, according to Hutchinson, "Jewish looking." The man is wearing a soft felt hat pulled down over his eyes, a long dark coat lined with expensive material. A massive gold chain is in his waistcoat with a red stone hanging from it. He carries kid gloves in his right hand and a small package in his left. He is 5' 6" or 5' 7" tall and about 35 or 36 years old.

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