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EDT321EDT321 1 Summer Session Technology for Learning Instructional Simulations.

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1 EDT321EDT321 1 Summer Session Technology for Learning Instructional Simulations

2 EDT321EDT321 2 Summer Session Can you use a computer to learn to…  fly a plane?  dissect a frog?  shut down a nuclear plant in an emergency?  perform knee replacement surgery?

3 EDT321EDT321 3 Summer Session Where are simulations used?  Telecommunication  Business and finance  Transportation  Defense and military  Health/Medical  Education  Weather forecasting  Etc.

4 EDT321EDT321 4 Summer Session Objectives  Describe how simulation is used for learning  Evaluate the instructional soundness of three web-based simulations

5 EDT321EDT321 5 Summer Session Definition  Model of something real  Not real itself  Can be manipulated by the user  Provides feedback for actions

6 EDT321EDT321 6 Summer Session Games and Demonstrations  Games can be simulations  Demonstrations can be simulations  Not all games and demonstrations are simulations Must simulate something real Must allow for user interaction

7 EDT321EDT321 7 Summer Session Simulation Types  Animation or spatial models  If-then process models  Scenario-based, role-playing  What-if interactive models  Virtual reality or immersive simulation  Hands-on software practice

8 EDT321EDT321 8 Summer Session Instructional Simulations  Goals or objectives for knowledge or behavior  Skill or concept will be used in a real world setting  Complexity appropriate for learning objectives  Allows problem-solving or decision- making opportunity  Feedback about progress is provided

9 EDT321EDT321 9 Summer Session How does a simulation work?  Replicates or imitates some aspect of the world or environment  Requires learner interaction  Allows practice until mastered  Provides feedback for actions

10 EDT321EDT321 10 Summer Session Strengths  Accelerates learning  Anywhere access  Lower costs to deliver  Increases attention span  Interactive  Compresses time and space  Safe environment  Practice  Feedback  Hands-on learning  Discovery learning  Visualize complex or abstract processes  Allows predictions

11 EDT321EDT321 11 Summer Session Weaknesses  Accessibility depends on available technology  Computer literacy required  May need background information  Costly to develop initially

12 EDT321EDT321 12 Summer Session Simulations for instruction  Goals and directions  Why simulation is being used (learning, practice, information)  Awareness of final result  Is the simulation user friendly?

13 EDT321EDT321 13 Summer Session Simulation Checklist  Real  Fun  Accessible  Clear  Educational Sim 1Sim 2Sim 3 Real Fun Acc. Clear Educ. TOTAL Rate each from 1-10

14 EDT321EDT321 14 Summer Session Realism  Simulation is relevant  Feels familiar  Works as expected  Plausible  Easy to make transfer from simulation to real world

15 EDT321EDT321 15 Summer Session Fun  Want to keep playing, or play again  Easy to use  Could be personalized  Some surprises  Player collaboration or team competition

16 EDT321EDT321 16 Summer Session Accessible  Works as expected on computer Loads quickly, works well  No forms to fill out to begin  Can be finished in time allowed  Doesn’t cause frustration

17 EDT321EDT321 17 Summer Session Clear  Instructions clear  Goals stated at beginning or are obvious  Decisions are linked to simulation outcomes  Not biased  Don’t get lost

18 EDT321EDT321 18 Summer Session Educational  Skill or concept will be used in a real world setting  Allows problem-solving or decision-making  Practice available  Feedback about progress is provided  Knowledge of goal success

19 EDT321EDT321 19 Summer Session Click

20 EDT321EDT321 20 Summer Session nitor/engine2.html Roll mouse over Operating Instructions

21 EDT321EDT321 21 Summer Session Practice  Find three web-based simulations to evaluate Use URL list (Simulation Sites) provided by instructor  Complete an evaluation checklist  Post the checklist to your www folder, hyperlink it to your website and send it to your instructor through the Digital Drop Box Score each category from 1 (low) to 10 (high) Your opinion only – no right or wrong answers!

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