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Andreas Vesalius E. Napp. A Belgian-born physician E. Napp.

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1 Andreas Vesalius E. Napp

2 A Belgian-born physician E. Napp

3 Wrote On the Structure of the Human Body Published in 1543 E. Napp

4 This 700-page book, with more than 300 illustrations, established the foundations of the modern science of anatomy. E. Napp

5 It contained Vesalius’ firsthand observations of the structure and operation of the human body. E. Napp

6 The application of the scientific method would not have been possible had not Vesalius dared to dissect human bodies. E. Napp

7 It is important to remember that the scientific method involves direct observation and experimentation. E. Napp

8 Vesalius had to dissect a body to see how the body worked. E. Napp

9 In the mid-1500s, medical knowledge of the workings of the human body was limited mainly to the writings of Galen, a physician who lived during the period of the Roman Empire. E. Napp

10 Galen’s work was not very accurate, because he never studied a corpse. E. Napp

11 Not until the 15 th century did European universities permit occasional public dissections of the bodies of executed criminals. E. Napp

12 Vesalius was determined to learn by first-hand investigation and observation. As a 20-year-old medical student in Paris, he took the risk of doing two public dissections before large audiences. E. Napp

13 At age 23, Vesalius became professor of anatomy at the University of Padua in Italy. E. Napp

14 He was appointed as court physician to the Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, Charles V, and to Philip II, Charles’s successor as King of Spain. E. Napp

15 At the time of the publication of his book, Vesalius’ views and methods came under attack by the authorities of the Roman Catholic Church. E. Napp

16 Angered by the criticism, Vesalius burned his notes. E. Napp

17 For twenty years, he did not perform dissections. E. Napp

18 Eventually, Vesalius resumed his investigations into the workings of the human body. E. Napp

19 However, while returning from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Vesalius was shipwrecked and died of disease or starvation on a Mediterranean island. E. Napp

20 But Vesalius changed world history. E. Napp

21 Write a letter to Vesalius in which you comment on his reaction to criticism. Advise him as to how and why he might have responded differently. E. Napp

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