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Chicken Wing Dissection

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1 Chicken Wing Dissection

2 Step 1: Use scissors to cut the skin as shown
Step 1: Use scissors to cut the skin as shown . Try not to cut through the muscles located beneath the skin

3 Procedure Step 2 Remove as much skin from the thickest part of the wing as possible, exposing the underlying muscle Observe the muscle. The muscles are bundles of pale pink tissue that surround the bone.

4 Procedure Step 3 Find the two groups of muscles in the upper arm. (you know these names!! ) Hold the arm down at the shoulder, and alternately pull on each muscle group. Observe what happens.

5 Procedure 4 Note any yellow tissue found in small clumps on the inside of the skin. This is a type of connective tissue called fat.

6 Procedure step 6 Remove any remaining skin from the elbow joint. Locate a tendon. Tendons are shiny white tissues at the ends of the muscles that attach muscles to bones.

7 Procedure step 7 Locate a ligament. Ligaments are shiny white tissue at the ends of bone.

8 Procedure step 8 Locate cartilage. Cartilage is the slippery shiny white tissue at the ends of bone.

9 Procedure step 9 Once you have identified the following parts: skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone, call your instructor over and show us an example of each.


11 Procedure step 9 Clean UP!!! – Wait for your group to be called!
Throw away all chicken wing parts into the designated garbage can. Put dissection tools into beaker of soapy water in the back. Stack tray on the counter next to the sink.         Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

12 Questions: 1. .       What function is performed by ligaments?_________________________________________ What is the function of a tendon? ________________________________________________ 2       What tissue is referred to when one speaks of the “meat” of the chicken?    3. . What bone in the wing is connected to the chicken’s body at the shoulder? ____________________ 4.       Name the two bones found in the forearm of the wing. ________________ _____________________ 5.       What type of joint connects the wing to the body? _______________________________________ 6.       What type of joint moves the wing at the elbow?


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