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Virtual Dissection Bridget Silva-Sampaio September 27, 2007.

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1 Virtual Dissection Bridget Silva-Sampaio September 27, 2007

2 Virtual Eye Dissection  examples/eye/eyedissect.html examples/eye/eyedissect.html  udio/cow_eye/ udio/cow_eye/

3 Virtual Frog Dissection  ml ml       http://biog-101- html http://biog-101- html

4 Virtual Cat Dissection 

5 Fish Dissection (Salmon)  Dissection.html Dissection.html

6 Owl Pellet Dissection 

7 Sheep Dissection 

8 Virtual Pig Dissection  n.html n.html

9 Organs and Organ Systems  This is a game that helps students learn the organs and organ systems with virtual animations.  php?act=4&virus=nastro php?act=4&virus=nastro  Another game for identification of human body parts using actual pictures.  s/nma03_bodyparts.html s/nma03_bodyparts.html

10 Human Anatomy  Identify and learn more about human anatomy.   Skull module.  ml ml  Lung and asthma animation 

11 Virtual Heart, Blood and Lung Websites  This website is really cute.   Heart and lung animations and interactives. 

12 Virtual Dissections   ions/Online_Dissections.htm ions/Online_Dissections.htm

13 Virtual Microscope  Pictures of cells and tissues-  /virtuals/virtualmicroscope/VMPage/very 1st.htm /virtuals/virtualmicroscope/VMPage/very 1st.htm

14 Vocabulary  Organ-a structure made up of two or more tissues that work together to carry out a specific job  Organ System-is made up of all the organs that work together to do a specific job  Homeostasis-maintenance of stable conditions inside your body

15 Vocabulary  Skeletal system-made up of the bones and cartilage that form the framework of the body  Muscular system-includes the muscles that help you move, and muscles that help things inside your body move  Digestive system-breaks down food into substances the body can use

16 Vocabulary  Excretory system-removes wastes produced by the activities of cells  Respiratory system-takes oxygen into the body and releases carbon dioxide and water  Circulatory system-transports needed substances throughout the body and carries away wastes

17 Vocabulary  Nervous system-controls and coordinates your body’s activities and helps you sense and respond to changes in your environment  Endocrine system-regulates body activities by producing chemical messengers in glands

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