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Chicken Wing Dissection

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1 Chicken Wing Dissection
Copy this Power point onto your desktop. Edit your saved Desktop version. Each photograph needs to include an approved marker to assure authenticity.

2 Work as a team. Research, Photograph, Dissect, Produce the Power Point
Work as a team! Research, Photograph, Dissect, Produce the Power Point. Everyone is to be busy! Do not plan on washing your hands until the end of the dissection has been announced by the instructor.

3 Chicken Wing Dissection
Alicia Jackman, Marshe’ Slaughter, Kristen Jackson, Bryan Huey. (green words= suggestions) add picture of students Practice Saving now! Save to your Desktop.

4 Background Skeletal Muscle; Function 1: The nerve moves the wing.
Function 2: Is a pulling of the bone in the wing caused by the muscle. Function 3: A muscle that lies next to the bone to make it that bone move.


6 Materials Tweezers, Scissors, Scalpel, a pointy thing, water dropper.

7 Procedure Step 1 Extend wing - Upper wing Lower wing Wing tip

8 Procedure Step 2 Cutting the skin

9 Procedure Step 3 Remove as much skin from the thickest part of the wing as possible, exposing the underlying muscle (Need to lable muscle)

10 Procedure Step 4

11 Procedure Step 5 When holding the elbow down the muscles move apart from each other. Like it’s extending.

12 Procedure Step 6 FAT FAT

13 Procedure step 7 Tendon

14 Procedure step 8 Ligament Connects one bone to the other

15 Procedure step 9 Cartilage

16 Procedure step 10 Once you have identified the following parts: skin, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage and bone, call your instructor over for a group oral quiz.

17 Procedure step 11 Clean UP!!!
Throw away all chicken wing parts into the designated garbage can. Put dissection tools into beaker of soapy water. Stack tray next to beaker.         Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

18 Questions: (hint hint!write them in your notebook!!!)
1.       What function is performed by ligaments?_________________________________________ What is the function of a tendon? ________________________________________________ 2.       What is more proximal, the insertion or the origin for the attachment of the muscles in the chicken wing? 3.       What tissue is referred to when one speaks of the “meat” of the chicken? 4.       Name the two main types of movement that occur when a wing is raised and lowered in flight. 5. What bone in the wing is connected to the chicken’s body at the shoulder? ____________________ 6.       Name the two bones found in the forearm of the wing. ________________ _____________________ 7.       What type of joint connects the wing to the body? _______________________________________ 8.       What type of joint moves the wing at the elbow? 9.       The muscle you observed is classified as what type of muscle tissue? ____________________________

19 Credits Dissector:(only 1 student name per credit) Camera: Computer:Alicia Jackman Producer: Save to your electronic portfolio on your Wikispace!

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