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1 Crayfish

2 CRAYFISH Body: Two segments: Cephalothorax: Fused head and thorax
13 segments covered by a hard carapace Abdomen: 7 segments Mandibles: jaws for chewing (crush food) Maxillae: holds food and passes it to the mandibles and the mouth (tear food) Maxillipeds: sense organs which also help pass food to the mouth Chelipeds: large, pincer appendages for food getting and protection Antennae: segmented sense organs on the head (touch/taste) Antennule: segmented sense organ (touch/taste/equilibrium) Walking legs: four pairs Swimmerets: aid in swimming and holding fertilized eggs in the female Blood returns to the heart through a slit (osita) Green gland: nitrogenous waste excretion (located in the head) Senses: compound eye /balance organ Reproduction: sexual (distinct sexes) Respiration: gills

3 Abdomen

4 Antennae

5 Antennule

6 Carapace

7 Cephalothorax

8 Cheliped

9 Digestive Gland (Dorsal)

10 Digestive Gland (Lateral)

11 Eggs

12 Esophagus

13 External View (Dorsal)

14 External View (Ventral)

15 Eye

16 Female

17 Male

18 Ganglion Anterior

19 Ganglion Posterior

20 Gill

21 Gonad

22 Green Gland

23 Heart

24 Intestine

25 Mandible

26 Maxilla

27 Maxillaped

28 Muscle

29 Stomach

30 Swimmeret

31 Telson

32 Uropod

33 Ventral Nerve Cord

34 Ventral Nerve Chord Posterior

35 Walking Leg


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