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Lab 10: Reproductive System

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1 Lab 10: Reproductive System

2 Endocrine Review What is the structure that transports hormones from the hypothalamus to the posterior pituitary gland? What is the function of parathyroid hormone?

3 Digestive Review What 2 structures are linked by the esophagus?
Name two specialized structures in the digestive tract that increase the surface area available for reabsorption.

4 Announcements Next week- Final Lab Practical Review
Lab Reports Due Today Final Lab Practical regular lab time two weeks from today.

5 Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction
What is sexual reproduction? Compared to asexual reproduction Advantages Disadvantages

6 Chromosomes and “n” What is “n”?
Number of copies of each chromosome Difference between “n” and chromosome number. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes Humans are 2n Humans have a total of 46 chromosomes

7 Gametes and Zygotes Gametes Zygote 1N sex cells Product of meiosis
2N fusion of gametes Product of fertilization

8 Meiosis vs Mitosis Meiosis Mitosis Reduction division
Sexual division and formation of gametes Mitosis Somatic cell division Chromosome “n” number same in starting cell and end products

9 Sex organs and characteristics
Primary Sex Organs Secondary Sex Organs Secondary Sex Characteristics

10 Overview- Male Reproductive Anatomy
Testis Epididymis Vas Deferens Prostate Gland Seminal Vesicle Bulbourethral Gland Penis Urethra Glans Penis

11 Male Reproductive System

12 Scrotum Testis Epididymis Vas deferens Produce Sperm
Stores Sperm and allows to mature Vas deferens Connects epididymis to the seminal vessicles Smooth muscles transport sperm to pelvic cavity

13 Semen Semen: fluid ejaculated by the male Components:
Sperm: 10% of semen Prostrate Gland: 30% of semen Seminal vesicle: 60% of semen Secretions from the Bulbourethral gland Secretes fluid that lubricates tip of penis Neutralizes acid pH from urine

14 Penis Penis Urethra Glans penis Delivers semen to the vagina
Tube that delivers semen out of body What other system is this a part of??? Glans penis Swollen head of the penis

15 Erection Cause Activator Increase Blood Flow / Vasodilation
Sexual simulation Nitric Oxide stimulates vasodilation

16 Overview- Female Reproductive System
Ovary Fimbriae Uterine tubes Uterus Cervix Vagina

17 Female Reproductive System
Uterus Uterine tubes Ovary Vagina

18 Egg development and Transport
Ovary Female gonads produce eggs Fimbriae Feathery projections connect ovary to the uterine tube Uterine Tube Delivers egg to the uterus

19 Uterus Thick muscular chamber Fertilized egg will attach to wall
Harbors embryo Provides nutrition to embryo Expels fetus 3 layers: perimetrium, myometrium and endometrium

20 Birth Canal Cervix Vagina Cylindrical inferior end of Uterus
Receptor for the penis

21 Dynamic Human CD Anatomy

22 Spermatogenesis Primordial Germ Cell Mitosis
Type A and Type B spermatogonium Type A retained Type B passes over blood-testis barrier and becomes Primary spermatocyte

23 Spermatogenesis Primary spermatocyte Meiosis I Secondary spermatocyte
Meiosis II Spermatids Spermatogenesis Spermatozoa

24 Spermatogenesis

25 Oogenesis One cell type (Primary oocyte) 2n Meiosis first division
Secondary Oocyte (1n) Polar body 1n (Degrades)

26 Secondary Oocyte No fertilization Fertilization
Gets half way through meiosis 2 and dies Fertilization Meiosis second division completes Egg 1n (to be fertilized) Polar body 1n (Degrades)

27 Oogenesis

28 Summary of Gamete Formation
Spermatogenesis 1 primary spermatocyte produces 4 spermatozoa Oogenesis 1 primary oocyte produces 1 egg and two lost polar bodies

29 Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis
Dynamic Human CD Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis

30 Ovarian Cycle (Egg maturation)
Follicular Lasts about 14 days First 3-5 days  menstruation Developing oocytes held in follicle, polar bodies die Ovulation Day 14 Oocyte released from follicle Luteal About 14 days Oocyte held in corpus luteum

31 Ovarian Cycle

32 Menstrual Cycle Proliferative Secretory Menstration
Rebuilding of endometrial tissue by mitosis Secretory Thickening of endometrial tissue caused by secretion of nutrient-rich fluid Menstration Blood, serous fluid and tissue discharge

33 Menstrual Cycle

34 Breast Cancer Cancer of the lymphatic vessels of the breast Caused by:
Excess weight Smoking Alcohol Heredity Treatment Lumpectomy Partial mastectomy Total mastectomy

35 Circumcision Prepuce is removed from Glans penis
Done for hygienic reasons Largely deemed unnecessary today Although???

36 Sterilization Males Vasectomy Females Tubal ligation
Vas deferens severed Females Tubal ligation Division of uterine tubes

37 Cat dissection Sex the cat Female Male Scrotum Testes Ovary
Uterine horns Body of uterus Male Scrotum Testes Carefully remove the connective tissue surrounding the testes epididymis  vas deferens - Penis

38 Review Reproductive anatomy Meiosis and Gamete formation
Identification of anatomy of cats Lab Practical Review Next Week during normal lab time. Final Lab Practice two weeks from today

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