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1 RAT DISSECTION Image from:

2 Mammals lived at same time as dinosaurs; mammals spread out when dinosaurs became extinct

3 RAT LATIN meaning KINGDOM _____________ PHYLUM ____________________________ SUBPHYLUM ___________________________ CLASS _______________________________ ORDER _____________________________ ANIMALIA CHORDATA VERTEBRATA “backbone” Mammalia “breast” RODENTIA “to gnaw”

4 Hair or Fur Provides insulation (hold in body heat) Identification Camouflage

5 VIBRISSAE EXTERNAL NARES Nictitating membrane missing Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

6 SPECIALIZED TEETH (Different shapes) 2 pairs of CONTINUOUSLY GROWING INCISORS Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

7 PINNA Catches sound Tympanic membrane (eardrum) inside ear opening Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

8 MAMMARY GLANDS Modified sweat glands Males are non-functional Have nipples but don’t have right hormones to make milk

9 EXIT OPENINGS Separate exit for feces = anus 3 openings 2 openings

10 FEMALES have 3 Exit openings Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005

11 MALES have 2 Exit openings ANUS UROGENITAL (Excretory & Reproductive share) Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005

12 TESTES outside body in SCROTUM Need to be cooler than body temperature to make sperm Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005


14 DIAPHRAGM Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005

15 DIAPHRAGM Contracts to pull in air Divides coelom into: THORACIC CAVITY heart & lungs ABDOMINAL CAVITY digestive, excretory, reproductive organs Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005


17 SPLEEN Peeks out from behind stomach Makes, stores, and processes blood cells Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

18 PANCREAS Makes TRYPSIN digest proteins Makes INSULIN tells cells to store blood glucose as glycogen Makes GLUCAGON tells cells to release stored glycogen into bloodstream as glucose (In mesentery next to duodenum) Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

19 MESENTERY Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005

20 Stomach Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005

21 STOMACH - Add acid/grind & mash food SMALL INTESTINE: DUODENUM- Add trypsin (digest proteins) & bile (digest fat) JEJUNUM- Finish digestion/absorb nutrients ILEUM- Finish digestion/absorb nutrients CECUM- “J” Pouch at junction of small and large intestine Contain bacteria to digest plant material

22 LARGE INTESTINE- Collect & Concentrate digestive waste absorb water back from feces RECTUM- Last part of Large intestine Stores feces waiting to exit ANUS Exit opening for digestive waste only

23 DID YOU KNOW? Human small intestine = about 22 feet long Human large intestine = 5 feet long Food can spend as long as 4 hours in the small intestine

24 TRACHEA Cartilage rings keep airway open Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 20075

25 Lungs Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005 Left side of heart is larger- Pumps blood to entire body So lungs on that side are smaller

26 4 chamber heart/2 loops Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005


28 RIGHT Atrium Right Ventricle     Lungs Body organs LEFT Atrium          BIRD & MAMMAL CIRCULATION 4 chambers/2 loops Left Ventricle

29 SALIVARY GLANDS Make digestive enzymes Image by Riedell/VanderWal©2005 AMYLASE starts digesting complex carbohydrates (starch) in mouth

30 SEMINAL VESICLES- Store sperm Add fluids VAS DEFERENS- Carry sperm to seminal vesicles EPIDIDYMIS- Mature sperm Add tails TESTES- Make sperm Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

31 OVARY- Makes eggs OVIDUCT- Carries eggs to uterus UTERUS- place where baby grows VAGINA- Exit for baby VIVIPARITY- Baby grows inside mom nourished by placenta Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

32 Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005


34 KIDNEYS Excrete nitrogen waste Osmoregulation Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005

35 URINARY BLADDER Image by Riedell/VanderWal © 2005


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