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ORTOBRAND young, dynamic and independent company specialized in manufactures and distributes  products are based on hyaluronic acid (HA),used for the.

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1 ORTOBRAND young, dynamic and independent company specialized in manufactures and distributes  products are based on hyaluronic acid (HA),used for the affected synovial joint.

2 It all started with a desire to help people in need and to be able to understand that a medical device is not just a product, but rather a chance to return to a normal life.

3 ORTOBRAND team’s objective is to develop international business by establishing partnerships with specialized foreign distributors all over the world

4 Our goal is to build up strong and sustainable relationships with partners operating in the medical industry, strategic collaborations distribution license , national partnerships to supplement its product portfolio

5 We know what it takes to make relationships succeed: respect, trust and flexibility around each partner’s interests.

6 Sodium hyaluronate Hyaluronan (also known as sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid) is a polysaccharide composed of repeating disaccharide units of glucuronate and N-acetyl glucosamine and counter ions. Hyaluronan is a physiological substance that is widely distributed in the extracellular matrix of connective tissues in both animals and humans. It is found in high concentration in the aqueous humor of the eye, synovial fluid, skin, and umbilical cord

7 Viscosupplementation
refers to a procedure that involves the use of HA solution to supplement or replace synovial fluid in joint with pathological conditions to alleviate pain and promote the healing of intra-articular wounds. The viscosupplementation improve the physiological environment of an osteoarthritic joint by restore the protective viscoelasticity of synovial fluid, reduce friction, and improve mobility.

8 Hyaluronic Acid Synovial fluid supplement
ORTHOFLEX forte ORTHOFLEX one Hyaluronic Acid Synovial fluid supplement

9 Orthopedic Viscosupplement
ORTHOFLEX forte Orthopedic Viscosupplement

10 Viscosupplementation with ORTHOFLEX forte for the treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee Pain
Hyaluronic acid HA is responsible for the viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid. Compared with healthy joints , synovial fluid in ostheoarthritic joints contains HA of a lower concentration and molecular weight. Potential mechanisms of actions Mechanical -Higher molecular weight hyaluronans may increase viscosity Biological -May reduce degradation of hyaluronan and orther key component of cartilage and synovium. Affects inflammatory process -Provides direct analgesic effect on nerve impulses sensitivity.

11 When the normal viscoelasticity of a solid tissue compartment or the elasto viscosity of a liquid tissue compartment is decreased under pathological conditions, normal function and regenerative processes are impaired . By introducing viscosupplementary devices, the normal rheological state of such compartments is restored or augmented. These devices stay in the tissue compartment for various periods of time, depending on the nature of the viscosupplement and the pathophysiology of the tissue compartment.

12 BE ACTIVE Restore mobility with Orthoflex
Do your patients suffer from pain associated with osteoarthritis? If their active lifestyle is being restricted by join pain , relief is in sight.

13 What is Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis is a disease that affect the joints in your body. While it can affect any joint , osteoarthritis most commonly in the hands , hip, Knees, neck and lower back. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease and cause of disabilities, especially in the elder people (more than 80 percent of the population over 55 years of age is affected by osteoarthritis). Also known as degenerative arthritis, degenerative joint disease or OA, it occurs when the cartilage that normally covers and cushions the ends of bones wears down over time. It is characterized by cartilage erosion, changes in subchondral bone, osteophyte formation and synovial inflammation. The main symptoms of OA are chronic pain, stiffness and loss of mobility.

14 Osteoarthritis is caused by cartilage resulting in a joint pain.
How does OA develops? Osteoarthritis is caused by cartilage resulting in a joint pain. The smooth cartilage surface wear down. Then this happens, the cartilage loses its elasticity and more easily damage by excess use or injury. With time section of cartilage may wear away completely. As a result the bone rub together. As the cartilage wear down , the join may lose its normal shape. The bone end thicken. The bone at the edge of the joint mat grown outward and form body spurs. Fluid – filled cysts may form in the bone near the joint . Bit of bone or cartilage may float loosely in the joint space.

15 Osteoarthritis of the Knee
When osteoarthritic joints became swollen and damaged , they can be painful and difficult to move. If you have OA of the knee the symptoms pain, stiffness limited range of motion. In the arthritic joints , the normal concentration and molecular weight of hyaluronate ( HA ) is decreased by 33% to 50%, limiting its role in maintaining normal joint biomechanics. Purpose of viscosupplement : replace this lost HA ORTHOFLEX forte , it helps lubricate , protect and cushion the knee. It can reduce and help improve your ability to perform every day activities.

16 ORTHOFLEX forte product of visco supplementation which is safe effective and well – established treatment in OA consisting in injecting a hyaluronic acid based solution into the affected synovial joint. Hyaluronic acid- HA is a major component of the synovial fluid and cartilage and thanks to its viscoelastic and rheological properties is responsible for the lubrication and cushioning in joint. It decreases friction between join surfaces and protect soft tissue from trauma by acting as a shock absorbant. HA also have analgesic, anti inflammatory, antioxidant effect , stimulates proteoglycan synthesis and facilitates the evacuation of cartilaginous remains.

17 The quantity and quality of the HA in the synovial fluid are reduced in the patient who have osteoarthritis because its synthesis by the synovial and cartilage cell is disturbed. The protection of particular surfaces thus is strongly altered , the cartilage becomes vulnerable and exposed to structural degradations due to the forces of friction and compression. Orthoflex forte relieves joint pain improves articular mobility and protects cartilage.

18 Indications    Orthoflex forte is indicated as a viscoelastic supplement or a substitute for synovial fluid of human joints. Orthoflex forte is recommended for patients that have joints pain coupled with reduced mobility. These symptoms can occur as a result of degenerative disease or trauma. Orthoflex forte greatly reduces pain, treating and restoring joint mobility and elasticity. The treatment consists in administration of intra articular injections between Orthoflex forte/1 at weekly intervals depending on the severity of the degenerative or traumatic change to the synovial joint. Indications like Gonarthritis, Coxarthritis, Omarthritis, Arthritis of the elbow, Rhizarthritis and Ankle arthritis.


20 Physicochemical Properties:
Treatment  1-3 injection 30mg/2ml (1.5%) sodium hyaluronate Estimative molecular weight sized into 2.0÷2.9 million Daltons (viscometric data) Average molecular weight 2.4 million Daltons (viscometric data) Intrinsic viscosity m3/kg Osmolarity mOsmol/kg Endo toxin limit -less than 0.5 EU/mg sodium hyaluronate pH Elasticity minimum 60 Pa (2.5Hz, maximum effort) Viscosity minimum  45 Pa (2.5Hz, maximum effort)

21 Technical Data Orthobiologics information: Ready-to-use syringe;
biofermentative origin of sodium hyaluronate up to six months with just 1-3 injections recommended for all large synovial joints Technical Data Ready-to-use syringe; Filling volume minimum 2 ml; Luer lock connection; Terminal steam sterilization

22 Application: Benefits
Just one syringe / week, intra articular administration About 1 to 3 weeks for best results and long term effect Benefits High molecular weight (2,0- 2,9 million Daltons); No protein of animal origin (fermentative process); Sterilization using aluminium blister. Fully self-contained system provides safety and purity; Easy to use; Store at room temperature possible; Luer Lock.

23 Injection: The affected knee is first aspirated to remove any
effusion that may be present, decreasing the concentration of inflammatory mediators that may be present and limiting the dilution effect the effusion would have on the injected material; Superolateral or lateral midpatellar injection site is the most reliable for reaching the synovial joint space of the knee

24 Method of administration and dosage
ORTHOFLEX forte is administered only by medical professionls trained for Intra -articular administration tehnique. ORTHOFLEX forte must be administered strictly intra-articular. Do not administer intravenously. The volume will vary depending upon the size of the joint space , not to exceed 2ml for the knee and other large joints or 1ml for small joints. It is the physician ‘s responsibility to determine the appropriate volume and ensure that the joint is not overfilled. ORTHOFLEX forte is administered in the affected joint once a week for 3 consecutive weeks. Several joints may be treated simultaneously. Not to exceed one treatment course for any individual joint in any 6- month periods. Any joint effusion present should be removed by joint aspiration before injecting ORTHOFLEX forte.

25 The intra -articular space should not be overfilled.
ORTHOFLEX forte is available as a ready to use pre-filled syringe and must not be diluted. The content of a pre-filled syringe Orthoflex forte is sterile and must be used immediately after the packaging has been opened. Orthoflex forte should be injected slowly into the joint space using a standard intra –articular injections technique. Remove the pre-filled syringe from the package. Before administration break the visible seal and remove the cap of the pre-filled syringe. Attach the hypodermic needle and make sure you have it properly fixed by turning it slightly. Remove the air from syringe before the injection.

26 Precautions General precautions should be observed for the intra-articular injection administration. Sodium hyaluronate should be administered in the synovial space only by medical professionals trained in intra-articular administration technique. An excess amount of sodium hyaluronate is not to be used and the patient should be monitored closely. The intra-araticular space should not be overfilled. If pain increase during the injection procedure , the injection should be stopped and the needle withdrawn. Patient should be carefully examined prior to administration to determine signs of acute inflammation and the physician should evaluate whether Orthoflex forte treatment should be initiated in this case. As in any invasive joint procedure it is recommended caution to avoid over using the joint immediately after the intra-articular injection. To date ,there are insufficient data to recommend the use in children and adolescents. Orthoflex forte should not be intra-articularly administered simultaneously or mixed with other products.

27 Contraindications The following pre –existing conditions may constitute relative or absolute contraindications to the use of ORTHOFLEX forte. allergy( hypersensitivity) to any of the component of Orthoflex forte. - pre-existing infections of the skin region at the injection site -know infections of the index joint - know systemic bleeding disorders.

28 Adverse reactions Sodium hyaluronate is a natural component of the human tissue s. Since sodium hyaluronate was found to be non-inflammatory any inflammatory response is considered to be caused by the injection procedure itself. Episodes Mild to moderate episodes of transient swelling and discomfort have occasionally been observed following intra-articular injections of sodium hyaluronate preparations.

29 Approved for all synovial joints (particularly the knee and hip,
but also the ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist, fingers, toes, and the temporomandibular and facet joints)

30 Additional indications:
-Post arthroscopy; -Following meniscal repair; -Following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; -Adjunctive treatment for patients with osteochondral defects; -Postmosaicplasty; -Patients with isolated patellofemoral pain.

31 Alternative treatments
• Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs): – significant side effects and are not well tolerated by all patients; – cardiovascular risk; – gastrointestinal adverse effects; – risk of developing significant ulcer disease while taking even a short course (6 days to 2 weeks) of NSAIDs is 16% to22%; – 44% of patients can develop significant dyspepsia, requiring additional medical treatment. • Corticosteroid injections: ‒ risk of advancing articular cartilage degradation .

32 ORTHOFLEX forte Composition Sodium hyaluronate Molecular Weight 2.4 Mio. Daltons Indications Osteoarthritis Effect Pain relief , mobility improvement, cartilage protection. Duration of effects Up to 6 months Administration 1-3 intra - articular injection- 1 per week Packaging 2ml prefilled syringe in medical blister 30 mg/2 ml sodium hyaluronate Sterilization Autoclave Shelf life 3 year Storage Between +2 and + 25 C

33 Orthopedic viscosupplement
ORTHOFLEX one Orthopedic viscosupplement

34 Description Orthoflex one is single treatment , viscoelastic gel injectable prefilled syringe used intra articular for treating arthritis. It is similar to synovial fluid, a substance that occurs naturally in the joints, synovial fluid acts as a lubricant and shock absorber. Orthoflex one is natural cross-linked hyaluronate 60mg/3ml solution of highly purified sodium hyaluronate , + chondroitin sulfate 90mg/3ml ,with high molecular weight that guarantees its excellent efficiency and a strong therapeutic effect( 3,0 million daltons).

35 ( ≥45Pa characteristic human synovial fluid)
Effects Chondroitin Sulfate and Hyaluronic Acid with Orthoflex one in the treatment of degenerative joint disease. Hyaluronan contributes to the synovial fluid’s lubricating properties and also controls fluid flow into and out of the joint space. Injected into knee joints with osteoarthritis (OA) to ease pain and stiffness. Chondroitin sulfate, is a structural component of aggrecan in cartilage and provides much of its resistance to compression. Chondroitin sulfate (CS) and hyaluronic acid (HA) induces cartilage destruction and acts as a mediator of the inflammatory response. Using Chondroitine Sulfate as a cross-linking agent increase biocompatibility and biodegradability native polymer and creates premises delay of cartilage degeneration and even supports regeneration cartilage structure. Orthoflex one –improved by cross linking , preponderantly elastic, confers capacity mechanic protection increased and improved lubrication ( ≥45Pa characteristic human synovial fluid)

36 ORTHOFLEX one Composition Sodium hyaluronate+ Chondroitin sulfate Molecular Weight 3 Mio. Daltons Indications Osteoarthritis Effect Pain relief , mobility improvement, cartilage repair. Duration of effects 1 year Administration 1 injection/treatment Packaging 3ml prefilled syringe in medical blister 60mg/3ml (2%) sodium hyaluronate 90mg/3ml chondroitin sulfate Sterilization Autoclave Shelf life 3 year Storage Between +2 and + 25 C

37 Thank you for your interest in our products and services.
Please contact our business development team

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