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The Outsiders Vocabulary 3rd Period By: Josh Gibson.

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2 The Outsiders Vocabulary 3rd Period

3 By: Josh Gibson

4  Hair that grows in a different direction from other strands of hair  Noun


6  Proper noun  An American cowboy and story teller.

7 By Jacob Collier

8 Definition: A animal of the cat family Part of speech : noun Lynx


10  Noun  A gang fight

11 Merlena Ward

12 Carefully or timidly Adverb Gingerly

13 Mrs. Laposky

14  A cotton button down shirt usually checkered or striped. Worn by the “socs”.  Noun

15 Hannah Kettel R OGUISHLY

16 Mischievous or playfully adverb

17 By: Dylan Komorowski

18 PART OF SPEECHDEFINITION  noun  A band of tissue joining bones to muscles.


20 Nonchalantly  Part of Speech: Adverb  Definition: Casually, indifferent  To act casually  “She walked nonchalantly down the street”

21 By Matt Bertermann

22  Verb  Act according to rules

23 Contempt Sarah Randar

24 Contempt Contempt : Feeling in which a person regards another as mean, vile, and worthless. noun

25 G ALLANTLY By: Kaitlyn Cook

26 G ALLANTLY Definition: Bravely, spirited, nobly Part of speech: adverb

27 By: Katie Murray!!

28 Guardian A guardian is a person who is responsible for you. The part of speech is a noun.

29 Jessica Birkhimer

30 Incredulous Incredulous means to show disbelief; unbelievable It is an adjective


32  Feeling of imminent evil.  (Part of speech-) Noun

33 By:Amear Zayed

34 PART OF SPEECH -Adjective

35 By : Jack Hudak

36  Adjectiv e  60’s slang for cool, awesome, and totally radical


38 Dumbfound To be stumped, in awe. To make speechless. verb

39 Evan Zollos

40 siege  Part of speech: noun  Definition: an assault, a hostile attack

41 Gone with the Wind

42 Noun A novel by Margaret Mitchell about the Civil war in the south.

43 Wistfully

44 By Bruno Bush Wistfully means Full of Longing, sadly wishing Adverb

45 Smoke inhalation

46 Noun To die by suffocation from smoke

47 Critical Condition

48 An adjective A hospital descriptor that means near death.

49 Stingray

50 Noun A type of corvette found in the 60’s


52  Victory !!!!!!!!!!!!  noun

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